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FM:Systems Acquires Asure Software’s Workspace Management Portfolio of Products, combining industry leading software and hardware that empowers organizations to deliver ideal workplace experiences.

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Make Educated, Cost Effective Decisions About Your Workspace

FM:Systems' IoT Sensors turn space challenges into opportunities with real-time objective data that allows you to identify, plan and deliver the ideal workplace. Sensor data reveals actionable insights on occupancy, utilization and the environment that can improve employee productivity and satisfaction while simultaneously optimizing your real estate portfolio and reducing energy costs. 

Learn more about the role of sensors in the workplace.

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Environmental Monitoring

Our multi-function sensor not only captures utilization data but can also detect temperature, noise, light, air pressure and air quality, giving you the ability to better control energy consumption and improve the overall quality of the workplace environment.

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Occupancy Detection System

Our automated and integrated workplace sensor platform offers real-time, objective data on occupancy and utilization with passive, infrared IoT sensors. Data visualizations in our Analytics dashboard yield insights into underused and under-performing spaces.

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Network Independent

Sensor installation is quick and hassle-free. The system is installed during off-peak work hours to minimize workplace interruptions. Sensors and host hardware use radio frequencies that don't interfere with Wi-Fi or existing networks, so no IT involvement is required.

Using Sensor Analytics for cost reductions and future space planning

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) predicts that these Internet of Things (IoT) devices can support a 50% increase in cost efficiency, including energy, maintenance and other recurring costs. 

Businesses that can accurately capture occupancy and environmental data will also be poised to develop agile work strategies and design office space that reflect the way people actually work. Learn more about the benefits of installing occupancy sensors

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Accessible, Easy-to-Use Sensor Analytics

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Utilization data at every level - from the portfolio level down to individual desks


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Users can set up new sensor surveys, manage existing surveys and create utilization reports

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Real-time sensor data give insights into occupancy trends, organizational behavior, and company culture  

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