Agile Workspaces

Software gets you ready for the workspace needs of tomorrow

What is the workspace of the future?

In the past, having a workspace filled with cubicles and filing cabinets was the norm. Now, employees expect more streamlined, open and collaborative space configurations. And the number of remote workers just continues to grow each year. Enter the age of shared workspaces, wayfinding, neighborhooding and flexible seating. Open office environments rely heavily on design principles to meet the needs of individuals and groups, to make sure they have productive workspaces.


Open office environments and alternative work environments meet the needs of today’s adapting workforce culture. Flexibility in these areas can save your organization thousands of dollars of unused space, increase productivity and drive employee well-being and retention.


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Why you need software to transition to an agile workspace

To execute an alternative workspace well, it’s crucial that you have a map of your current space utilization as well as enterprise-wide systems that keep tabs on who is working where. An Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) provides crucial dashboards and data visualizations so that teams can be managed efficiently.

The Business Case for Software


Optimize how your space is used


Test and model different scenarios


Keep track of how many employees are working remotely

Why adopt a data-driven approach?

With a clear picture of your facility, you can adopt an alternative workspace that is employee-centered, leading to employee happiness and better retention. Access to accurate, real-time data is critical, but you need to make sure that data can be turned into meaningful insights.

An IWMS is key. It moves your organization from error-prone outdated methods like spreadsheets to reliable, technology-driven solutions. FM:Systems offers end-to-end space and facility management software that can help you solve alternative workspace challenges. Our IWMS integrates AutoCAD and Revit facility drawings to support your existing processes.

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Benefits of FM:Systems' Space Management Solution

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Adapt to changing worker preferences

Remote or digital work is becoming increasingly common, and increasingly expected by top talent

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Consider a variety of options

Use our scenario planning functionality to map out a variety of workspace possibilities

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Help your teams achieve their best work

Boost productivity by encouraging collaboration or setting up environments that lead to fewer distractions and higher productivity

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Minimized unused space

Create the best environment for your workers, even when you’re working with higher occupancy densities


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Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross and Blue Shield needed an integrated solution to meet their core facility management goals in a rapidly changing workplace environment. We implemented a solution that resulted in organizational collaboration, better workplace wellness, employee empowerment, and strategic space management.

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Key features of the right space management software:

  • Uses a secure, cloud-based interface
  • Gives you real-time updates on who is working where, when
  • Integrates with your existing processes & tools

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