Author: Hanna Graziano

What Does “Configurable” Mean When it Comes to IWMS?

blog working desk - What Does "Configurable" Mean When it Comes to IWMS?

What Does “Configurable” Mean When it Comes to IWMS and Why is it Important?

When it comes to Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) one size does not fit all. Not only does every organization have unique software needs, but additionally they all have unique business processes and rules in place that the software needs to meet to be successful and lead to dependable ROI.

Therefore, it is essential to understand how flexible or configurable an IWMS is before purchasing to ensure it will be an effective solution for your organization.

What does the word “configurable” even mean?

Configurable software provides a variety of options for users to modify the interface or workflows driving user experience without having a background in IT or computer programming.

A configurable IWMS provides extremely flexible features that are easy to manage. The source or core code of the software is never touched, rather configurations are saved to the database.

Ok but what’s the difference between configurable and customizable?

Although the dictionary definitions of “Configurable” and “Customizable” may be very similar, that is not the case when it comes to IWMS. A lot of software vendors will say their product is configurable, but beware – in reality they mean customizable which can require more technical resources and more money.

Ah! Makes sense… but what makes FM:Systems different?

Unlike other IWMS products that have been “assembled” through mergers and acquisitions, all FM:Interact modules have been solely developed in-house by the FM:Systems product team. FM:Interact was built from the ground up to be easily configured to our customers’ business processes. This avoids the high cost, long timeframes and risks associated with customizing other IWMS products or the development of custom or “bespoke” systems.

Configurable vs customizable - What Does "Configurable" Mean When it Comes to IWMS?

The easy yet powerful configurability of FM:Interact enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing requirements and realize new business value. This means that FM:Interact is truly integrated, resulting in faster implementations, less complexity and lower risk… and ensure ROI.

Keep your eyes out for part II of blog series to coming in the next few weeks to learn more about the specific ways users can make FM:Interact an even more powerful tool through simple configurations.

5 Reasons we’re counting down the Days until IFMA’s World Workplace!

blog thumbnail conferences - 5 Reasons we’re counting down the Days until IFMA’s World Workplace!

1. Showcasing the new FM:Interact Functionality on the Expo floor

We love meeting FM’s on the Expo floor, it’s always great to learn about existing facility management processes and demonstrate the ways our system may be able to improve those processes. This year we’re looking forward to showcasing functionality that was recently released in version 8.5, such as:

  • Improved user interface for better ease of use.
  • Our new business intelligence tool, FMx Reporting, allowing users with little report writing knowledge to quickly create reports in the browser.
  • Floor Plan Viewer Enhancements such as drag and drop room assignments, print to PDF with a high degree of layer control and improved controls for viewing plans.
  • Our new configurable mapping tool for easily navigating to any location in the portfolio.

So, please come and see us at Booth 1027 to say hello and see how FM:Interact can streamline your organization’s facility management processes.

2. Location, location, location!

Who wouldn’t want to attend the biggest and most anticipated annual Facility Management conference in beautiful San Diego? We can’t wait to catch-up with our existing customers and business partners, as well as network with other FM professionals in such a wonderful location. We’ll be soaking in all that we can, from the tradeshow floor to the educational sessions, and of course the Welcome Reception aboard the USS Midway!

3. Learning about Innovative Ideas & Practices from Industry Experts

The opportunities to enhance your FM knowledge are endless at WWP. Whether it’s through networking, meeting new companies on the Expo floor, or attending the educational sessions.

FM:Systems CEO and Founder, Michael Schley, will be presenting in Session 6.10 at 9:15-10:15am on Friday, October 7 and discussing new approaches that are helping building owners and facility managers leverage information in BIM models to improve operations. He’ll also discuss the recently-organized BIM-FM Consortium, a group of facility professionals who are sharing their real-world experiences to develop practical standards for BIM and FM. Please join us if this sounds interesting to you or beneficial for your organization’s operations!

4. Free Prizes?!

We will be doing live demonstrations of our industry leading Integrated Workplace Management System to attendees on the tradeshow floor at Booth 1027. Feel free to stop by and learn how our software can streamline your facility operations by enjoying a demonstration and you’re automatically entered to win a drone! Yes, you read that right, A DRONE!!

5. Staying on Top of Evolving Industry Trends

The ability to learn about real-world challenges other companies are facing and how they are adopting new technology and practices to correct them is a huge benefit of attending WWP! Learning from real-life experiences is invaluable and FM:Systems VP of Marketing, Brian Haines, will be discussing some of the new technology FM:Systems has developed out of our own customers’ needs and pain points. From 3:30-4pm, Wed, October 5th in Solutions Arena 2 join Brian to learn more about The Future of Utilization. We’ll explore emerging new technologies such as the FM:Systems Workplace Survey Application (WSA), remote sensing and mobile devices that are enabling organizations to better track real-time utilization.

Better Analyze Your Facilities Performance with FMx Reporting

blog thumbnail glass building - Better Analyze Your Facilities Performance with FMx Reporting

FM:Systems first broke the news of our powerful new reporting engine earlier this year at our annual User Conference, and it was immediately apparent how thrilled our customers were that this functionality was coming. The excitement has been growing drastically since then and I’m excited to have the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the enhancements FMx Reporting will bring to FM:Interact.

What is all the hype about the new FMx Reporting tool you may be wondering? Well, consider this… What if you (technical user or not) could create and run reports from within the FM:Interact interface without any support from IT? You read that right. Users now have complete control over the reporting and analysis of their facility data without ever leaving the Web browser!

In the past, advanced reporting tools were required to report on facility data tracked within systems such as FM:Interact. Now you can quickly ask questions of your facility data and find answers by dynamically building new reports in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, FMx Reporting includes the following exciting new features:

fmx rent analysis - Better Analyze Your Facilities Performance with FMx Reporting

      Figure 1

  • Drag & drop wizard driven report builder allows users to intelligently select fields from various tables to include in reports.
  • Enhanced formatting & automated drill down graphics that is shown in figure 1 gives users the ability to configure tabular and graphical reports. With a variety of charts and graphs users have a wide variety of animated visualization and charting options available (even the ability to view reports in 3D)! Lastly, you are able to clone your reports to quickly create similar reports and apply standard themes across your reports.
  • Highly securable data objects, meaning administrators can permission specific reports, tables and even fields for various roles to be able to access and utilize.

But wait, I’m not done yet!

fmx upcoming moves - Better Analyze Your Facilities Performance with FMx Reporting

        Figure 2

  • Personal & global reports allow any user with the appropriate permissions to create their own personal reports and administrators have the ability to promote any user’s personal report to global access.
  • Automated report scheduler Reports, similar to what is shown in figure 2, can be scheduled and delivered to end-users via email in a variety of formats. All parameters such as recurrence, data filters, recipients and email formatting can be set in the Report Scheduler.

Keep in mind, all of this functionality can be achieved without EVER leaving the browser!

While the new FMx Reporting tool is great on its own, it only makes up a portion of the cutting edge functionality that will be released in FM:Interact version 8.5. Stay tuned as FM:Systems continues to grow as the technology leader in the IWMS market!