The Best Practices for

Move Management

Learn about the recommended best practices that have been developed in the profession over the past decade as well as emerging trends in move management that are affecting today's move process.

Learn how to create an ultra-efficient move process.

Modern organizations are in a constant state of change. 
As organizations expand, contract, merge, divest, promote, reorganize and
re-engineer there is a need to move people and departments. The typical modern 
organization will move at least half of its employees each year and that rate can
 often be much higher.
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Written & Presented by  Michael Schley
IFMA Fellow, Facility Management Technology Expert and Founder of FM:Systems



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Take Aways:

  • Learn the importance of minimized employee disruption. A good move process can save an organization upwards of $1 million in employee productivity
  • How to increase efficiency between multiple service groups involved in the move process
  • Reduce move costs across the board. With a well-run move process move costs can be decreased up to 83%

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