We are constantly adding new functionality into our software that gives our customers the tools and ease of use they need to effectively manage their facilities. We just released a version of our software, FM:Interact 8.4.1, that has some great new features and functionality that our customers can begin to take advantage of.

At our annual User Conference this April we showcased some of these features in the, “What’s New in FM:Interact” session and each and every one of our customers in the audience were thoroughly impressed by what these features will offer them. Graphic Theming was shown to our customers for the first time at the conference, as I looked around the audience during the presentation I literally saw jaws drop and there was an applause of appreciation.

Below is a sneak peak of the new features of this release:

latest release graphic theming - Announcing FM:Interact 8.4.1

  • Graphic Theming—which allows user to select and apply graphical elements to a floor plan from multiple graphic views
  • Legend placement—which allows user to decide where the legend should display in relation to the floor plan
  • Selectable objects—allowing users to make assets selectable from the floor plan
  • Spreadsheet upload—Ability to upload data in an Excel spreadsheet to an existing FM:Interact table
  • Facility maintenance privilege enhancements
  • Enhancements to the Room Picker control
    • Configurable room picker on any table in the database
    • Definable graphic views can be created based on view condition
    • Definable warning messages for selected rooms in the room picker

You can read about these new features in more detail on the, “New Features of FM:Interact 8.4” page of our website.

We are continually adding new features to the FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite that our customers have been asking for. I have it say it really has been impressive to watch our product grow over the past few years I have been with the company leading us to offer the best software in our industry.