Graphic ThemingIn January 2015 FM:Systems introduced the FMx5 viewer with version 8.4 and great strides have been made with this fantastic HTML5 product. With version 8.4.1 we continue to see an evolution of the FMx5 viewer which comes in the form of Graphic Theming. What is Graphic Theming you may ask, consider this… What if you wanted to change the look of your Graphic View without ever having to leave the Graphic? Let’s say you were in the Departments Graphic View and you decided it would also be nice to see crosshatching for vacancy. Or what if there was an additional annotation that you wanted to be able to show on the floor plan, or you wanted to turn on or off certain layers from the background, or what if the legend is too small or too large for the floor plan you are currently viewing and you’d like to change the size? 

In the past you would have to exit the Graphic View and manually update (or create a new) Graphic View, but now you can make these modifications on the fly using the new Graphic Theming icon in the FMx5 viewer menu at the top of the screen. This and many more amazing features are coming to this new viewer technology so stay tuned as FM:Systems continues to make exciting headway as the technology leader in the IWMS market!

I put together a short overview video on Graphic Theming to give you a sneak peak of this new functionality.

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