Ever since FM:Interact 8.3 was released a few months ago, we have received countless excited inquiries about the dynamic mapping feature, which does not surprise me since I, too, have been excited about it—so excited about it, in fact, that I included it in my list of fab five features in FM:Interact 8.3 back in... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Advice for Implementing a Mobile FM Solution

When word gets out that you’ve accomplished a successful deployment of a mobile FM solution, you may find yourself being asked for advice from others. The idea of providing mobile access to an FM solution is so logical, that just about everyone I encounter in the profession wants to do this (if they haven’t already), but some are still not quite ready to take the plunge.

Leasha Jackson

Workplace Strategy Summit 2014: Innovation on the Edge

FM:Systems is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the 2014 Workplace Strategy Summit at the Wokefield Park Conference Centre in Berkshire, England June 8-10. The summit, themed “Innovation on the Edge,” will feature leading academics and experts in the fields of design, facility management, real estate, organizational ecology, technology and management. Building on the... Read more »

I’ll be writing a multi-part blog series covering some best practices that we’ve discovered while working with customers who are adopting a building lifecycle approach to Building Information Modeling (BIM).  In this series I’ll begin to dig a little more deeply into the details than I typically have and will speak more directly to tips,... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Recap of the 2014 FM:Systems’ User Conference

Last week we had our annual User Conference, where our customers and partners fly in from all over the world to meet and network with other users of our product. Throughout the conference we had a variety of events including a golf outing, welcome reception, usability testing, one-on one sessions with our consultants, roundtable sessions... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Automate move management tasks

I am concluding my “best practices of improving your move process” blog series that I started in my Heading up a Move post, which discusses how an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) can assist you in reaching your facilities desired move process goals. Automate move management tasks A fully integrated workplace management system provides Web... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Utilizing Space on Campus

A few weeks ago I attended Academic Impressions’ Integrated Space Planning for Higher Education conference in Dallas, Texas. It was two full days packed with presentations and working discussions on space management concerns and global space management trends for universities. I learned a tremendous amount about some of the issues individuals were experiencing at their... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

Understand the Churn

As promised, I am continuing the “best practices of improving your move process” series that I started in my Heading up a Move post. Best Practice number 3: Understand the Churn Some organizations may be well aware of their churn rates, but few can accurately track the associated costs. Churn is necessary within any healthy,... Read more »

Leasha Jackson

My Fab Five FM:Interact 8.3 Features

With the constant need to adapt to changing situations and the pressure to work efficiently, workers across all employment sectors are looking for ways to streamline daily tasks. With more and more work being completed away from the desk, employees are forced to find the necessary amenities in remote locations. FM:Systems has responded to these... Read more »

Brian Haines

FM:Systems BIM Success at AU with US CAD

Back in December 2013 FM:Systems had the privilege of presenting at Autodesk University (AU) along with US CAD.  This is a rare opportunity for which we capitalized on Facilities Management solutions using a BIM workflow.  Having used AutoCAD since 1990, this was my first time attending AU and obviously my first time speaking there.  Many hours... Read more »