IWMS for Alternative Workspaces

Technology to Help You Adapt to the New Way of Working

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New Ways of Working in an Alternative Workspace

Many modern facilities organizations are adopting new approaches to working, which include greater requirements for flexible workspace, the ability to quickly support cross-functional teams, more collaborative areas and support for Activity Based Workplaces (ABW) that break away from the practice of assigning one workstation per employee.

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Our Solution: Integrated Workplace Management Systems

FM:Systems' IWMS technology was built to adapt to our customers’ business processes. This avoids the high cost, long timeframes and risk associated with customizing other IWMS computer software products or the development of custom or “bespoke” systems. The configurability of FM:Systems can be leveraged on an ongoing basis and enables organizations to rapidly respond to changing requirements and realize new business value.

Dynamic work environments and the increasing need for greater flexibility in how real estate and facilities organizations use their available space and assets is pushing professionals into new territories unimagined just a few years ago. FM:Systems has been rapidly evolving new capabilities to meet these demands, which are being enabled by maturing technologies such as larger clearer screens, increased software security, faster data processing and higher bandwidth connections.

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FM:Systems Streamlines Alternative Workspaces

FM:Systems has been introducing new functions for alternative workplace planning, supporting team-based non-assigned work areas (free address system) and activity-based workspace, hoteling, and room scheduling.

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Reserve Room Scheduling Spaces

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Keep a pulse on occupancy with real-time space utilization

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IWMS technology creates a seamless hoteling capability

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Our Real Estate & Facilities Customers

FM:Systems customers are on the leading edge of these new ways of working. We have formed an Alternative Workplace Strategy (AWS) Special Interest Group, which provides a framework for customers to meet on a monthly basis to share their ideas, plans and experiences.

Our AWS Special Interest Group explores how emerging workplace and computer software trends have their organizations working in new ways, and is leading them to implement changes in how they use their physical space, as well as HR policies that are broadening the definition around how and where people work. FM:Systems sees this group as a forum to learn from each other, as well as a method for us to learn about today’s workplace challenges, and how we can better develop highly flexible facilities solutions to address these growing needs.

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Real-time Utilization and IoT Enabled Occupancy Tracking

FM:Systems has been exploring emerging new Internet of Things (IoT) technologies related to occupancy sensing and mobile devices that are enabling organizations to better track real-time utilization and better understand how their space is really being used. As the corporate real estate world matures, business leaders have started to focus more and more on data driven decisions around their portfolio, which means that tracking actual assigned seats is not enough anymore. Our clients want to know not just how many seats they have assigned to employees, but if the employees are actually using them. This data provides Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Executives with the visibility needed to make smart strategic decisions.

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