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Merging IoT data with IWMS technology can help you understand space utilization, improve building operations & enhance employee engagement



Why IoT & Facility Management are Critical to Reducing Real Estate Costs

A new study conducted by independent research firm, Verdantix, finds that organizations investing in technologies that provide a complete view of how their space is being used and leverage the data for strategic business decisions are improving the employee experience, driving business growth and increasing their bottom line.

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[Webcast] How to Prepare Your Workplace for IoT

In this webcast, we explored how emerging sensor-based Smart Building technologies can be coupled with employee facing devices to enable organizations to better measure and understand building performance and reduce real estate costs. 


What is IoT?

The emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor-based technologies are enabling facility and real estate professionals to track the utilization of their space and assets in real-time.

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