IoT & Smart Offices

Innovate to get smarter about how you use your space

What does the future hold for your space?

A fully-integrated IoT (Internet of Things), where everything is connected and every device or appliance is smart, is rapidly turning from a dream to a reality. The most innovative business leaders are looking to leverage this evolution in the workspace. In a smart office, technology helps employees work better, smarter and faster. One sometimes-overlooked area where technology can make a significant difference is the use of space and facility management software.

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Why do you need space management software to make your office smart?

The ability to track and visualize the space usage of your organization in one secure, cloud-based interface is a game changer. What used to be managed manually with significant time investment and a high rate of error can now be done much more quickly and accurately. Companies that adopt an IWMS (integrated workplace management system) can make data-driven decisions that affect everything from energy usage to occupancy planning to productivity improvements to building maintenance and security.

Armed with an arsenal of accurate space usage data, your senior leadership can make important financial decisions with clarity. Facilities driven by space management software are more efficient and less expensive to maintain. This also translates to a better overall experience for employees, driving retention.

Implement a data-driven system to:


Share real-time information across teams

asset management software

Get up-to-date space utilization and occupancy reports


Save on energy, operational, and maintenance costs by tracking current space usage

Why adopt a data-driven approach?

Organizations will continue to move towards technologies that improve efficiency. A smart office is made even smarter with space and facility management software that cuts costs and sets your business leaders up with the information they need to make crucial decisions.


Benefits of FM:Systems' Space Management Solution

FM:Systems’ enterprise-level space management software moves your business from outdated spreadsheets and manual reporting into reliable, data-driven technology. And if you’re looking to leverage sensors for real-time movement tracking, our solutions are built to be sensor-agnostic, so you can partner with the vendor of your choice. Our software offers mobile access for business leaders on the go, and integrates with AutoCAD and Revit facility drawings to fit within existing infrastructure and processes.

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Enable the c-suite for strategic decisions

Empower key stakeholders with accurate data about their space that will enable cost savings or even new revenue streams

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Model scenarios to optimize your resources

With evolving work environments and alternative workspace trends, scenario modeling is key to making the most of the space you have

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Bring transparency and a single source of truth

Track with confidence exactly how the space in your organization is being used, and identify areas for space optimization or cost savings

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Be on the cutting edge of technology

Implementing space management technology not only positions you to scale for future growth but contributes to a modern workspace that attracts top talent


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Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross and Blue Shield needed an integrated solution to meet their core facility management goals in a rapidly changing workplace environment. We implemented a solution that resulted in organizational collaboration, better workplace wellness, employee empowerment, and strategic space management.


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Key features of the right space planning software:

  • Gives you a window into your organization’s space usage and availability
  • Saves your organization money by letting you identify inefficiencies and maximize resources
  • Works with your existing technology and processes
  • Provides intuitive displays and dashboards to make data easy to understand

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