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Identify, Plan & Deliver a Safe Workplace Re-Entry

Facilities management teams are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 in the business environment. They’re currently helping drive corporate response in terms of employee safety and health, and they’re working on planning for return to work scenarios.

FM:Systems created this playbook to help you think through employee health and business continuity issues, including how to use workplace management solutions to plan for and manage a safe, healthy and productive workplace.


Featured in this Resource:

1. Social Distancing & Congestion

2. Flexible Work Strategies

3. Building Sanitation

4. Facility Manager Checklist

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Benefits of using Facility Management Technology:

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Gain visibility into what your facilities look like and how they are being utilised

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Get insights into what areas of your facilities are under performing

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Proactively respond to change including corporate reorganisations or renovations

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Better manage the financial changes of your facility operations