Simplify Annual FCOD Reporting

Facilities Capital Outlay Database (FCOD) reporting and annual space surveys can be time-consuming and costly for Florida Universities. Save time and money while increasing funding with this free guide.

Automate Your FCOD Reporting Today with This Free Guide

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What's included:

What makes survey data defensible

Understanding Facilities and Administration Proposal Process

How to Improve Your Indirect Cost Recovery Rate

Florida Universities are challenged to meet the Facilities Capital Outlay Database (FCOD) reporting requirements and could be missing out on lower federal funding. Get rid of the spreadsheets and manual processes for higher ICR rates in less time.

Track your space data in one easy-to-use solution

Eliminate the need for manual data collection and number-crunching, and the risk of error that comes with it. Implement a workplace management system that will increase your ICR rate and save you time and money.

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"Now we have a system that’s space driven and asset driven and real estate driven. And one of the benefits is now, when we do the survey, all that data should be up to date. It shouldn’t just be a three year or a five-year survey. We’re going to audit 100% of the space every year. And then 20% of that space will be field-verified every year within a five-year cycle."

-Alan Berezik, Space Manager / CAFM / CAD, Wayne State University

"I use FMS:Workplace every day for 80-90% of my activities—it allows me to manage our constant churn and space changes—things that just weren’t possible to manage in the past with the size of our university."

-Cheryl Benningfield, Space Planning Manager, University of North Texas

"Modifying the space survey was very easy. We now have a great foundation for what’s in each space, and as we start to look to better our planning and allocations going forward, we also have a better sense of what sort of features and benefits each space could offer. For example, the math department often needs multiple whiteboards. Now, we can very quickly find what is in a room, and more efficiently schedule available amenities."

-Shuli Steele, Space Manager, University of Denver

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Eliminate manual data collection and number-crunching

FM:Systems' Space Management solution gives you visibility and insight to defensible data about your facilities and their utilization. Data that is accurate, objective and consistent, giving you confidence when submitting reports to the federal government and negotiating your indirect cost recovery factor. Applied analytics gives you further insight to how expensive research space is being used, identifying opportunities to be more efficient. 

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Stop Wasting Time and Money on Costly Space Surveys

With FM:Systems Space Management solutions, data is accurate and accessible, workflows are streamlined, reports are automated and indirect cost recovery is simplified.

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