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Support a truly employee-centric workplace where people can do their best work

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Start building a people-first workplace today

According to SHRM, mobile workers are expected to comprise 75% of the US workforce in 2020. Globally, these projections are as high as 50%. To support this trend, organizations are redesigning their workspaces and the technologies that power them to create the most productive environment for employees. 

Take advantage of these resources to learn about strategies and technologies that can help you can track and manage the performance of your real estate portfolio while making data-driven decisions to achieve higher space utilization.

[Video] 7 Components of an Employee-Centric Workplace

There are 7 critical components organizations must incorporate to put their employees front and center. Learn about these 7 components & how you can start making changes to your space in order to build a truly employee-centric workplace today.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Client Success Story

BCBSMA used FM:Systems' workplace management solution to create an employee-centric workplace that encourages health & well-being.

Learn how they leveraged their new found knowledge to use space more strategically, communicate more efficiently and plan ahead to ensure they continue to meet and exceed corporate expectations.

[On-demand Webcast]  The Mobile Workforce Preparedness Guide


Strategies to Create & Measure a Productive Mobile Workspace.

With two-thirds of physical real estate underutilized at all times, that’s an enormous waste of resources which could be re-allocated to new building layouts in support of a more mobile workforce and employee-centric workplace. Tune into our on-demand webcast to learn the most-effective strategies, technologies, and analytics for managing the mobile workforce.


[Blog] Beyond the Beanbag – The components of a truly employee-centric workplace

Learn about 7 essential components of an organization that greatly affect a positive employee-centric workplace.