Yelp | Client Success Story
How Yelp uses FM:Interact to Streamline Hundreds of Moves Per Month
the client Yelp

As a fast growing, sales driven, web-based operation, Yelp moves between 200-400 people per month at any one of their 4 primary sales offices.

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offices in US & Europe
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the Challenge

The dizzying pace of web-based companies—who are constantly changing, growing, merging, acquiring, redirecting and adapting to the demands of the market—requires a new way of thinking about planning and managing people, space and moves. At Yelp, that dizzying pace was putting a real strain on sales managers and facilities management teams alike.

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the  Solution

When Yelp started the process of searching for a new Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), they had a strong vision for what it needed to do. They chose FM:Interact because it met, and exceeded, these baseline requirements, and beginning with the Move & Space Management modules—they finally had the capacity to keep pace with change. FM:Interact helps them with complex relocations and space planning by enabling them to better analyze the efficiency of their existing conditions and make decisions based upon real-time feedback and analytics. 

Benefits of the system included:

  • Speed
  • Faster Service
  • Ease of Use
  • Integration
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Listen to the Q&A webcast on how Yelp leverages facility management technology to get ahead of their corporate moving process, minimize employee downtime and increase workplace productivity.

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