What are the Benefits of IWMS?

The Benefits of an Integrated Workplace Management System

Benefits of IWMS

The computer software game has changed–Excel spreadsheets and departmental systems just aren’t able to support the growing responsibilities of real estate and facilities professionals.

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) or Computer-aided Facility Management (CAFM) can deliver an accurate picture of your facilities data enterprise-wide. This enables you to utilize reports and dashboards with embedded key performance indicators to help you quickly identify areas within your facilities where you might be experiencing inefficiencies and provides you the ability to spotlight areas of concern as they are happening.

Below are the Benefits of an Integrated Workplace Management System.

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Cut industry resource costs. When facility professionals and executive management have better visibility into occupancy data from an IWMS or CAFM system, they can make educated decisions about the space portfolio. Questions about renewing leases, decreasing the property inventory or whether or not to construct a new building are costly issues–but discussions are easier with real-time, accurate data from a reliable software program in hand.

Increase productivity. Everyone in an organization uses facility information, whether it’s the person in the mailroom making deliveries, executive management planning for a head count increase, or a university seeking government reimbursement for space use. When people can access and report on that information quickly instead of digging through Excel spreadsheets, IWMS and CAFM software can increase productivity enterprise-wide

Improve customer service. Automating routine tasks such as routing maintenance requests or scheduling a move with IWMS or CAFM software can help you service your customers more quickly and effectively. You can even receive email notifications as reminders, making sure you never forget a task.

More efficient use of space. IWMS or CAFM software lets you visualize your space data work with real-time information that you can see. Visualizing who sits where and departmental space needs can help you plan for and use your existing space more efficiently.

Reduce churn rates. Churn is expensive. Having the tools to better visualize space needs and plan for short- and long-term use help cut these costs.

Faster and more accurate reporting. Centralizing all your facilities data into one system means there is only one place to go when you need it, and because it’s in real-time it’s up-to-date and accurate. Running chargeback reports has never been so quick!

Streamline facilities processes. IWMS and CAFM software can help your organization streamline existing processes for space management, move management, facility operations, asset management, lease management, strategic planning and management reporting, making your job that much easier.

Share information throughout your organization. Facility management software can help you communicate information company-wide via the Internet and intranet. Send out space use reports so management can make effective real estate decisions or give end users an employee look-up system or submit maintenance requests with an IWMS or CAFM system.