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FM:Systems works with a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor-based technologies that can allow you to track real-time utilization and get a better understanding of how your space is really being used. These technologies include furniture and people sensors, geo-tracking and multi-sensors.

Software Solutions

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Furniture Sensors

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Measure the amount of time an employee is sitting at a specific location using heat and vibration sensing to gain visibility into actual space utilization.

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People Sensors

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Track and count people going in and out of specific areas to gather passive utilization data to better inform future space management decisions.

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Lighting Sensors

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Combine multiple sensor types on a single piece of hardware, providing the temperature control, lighting level control and real-time space utilization information.

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Track the real-time location of assets or equipment within a facility which provides occupant flow, concentration data and asset security.


  • Gain more efficient ways to work and provide your organization with new possibilities for better utilization of space and assets
  • Integrate with an IWMS platform such as FM:Interact to allow your organization to quickly identify trends, problems and opportunities in your facilities
  • Visualize how space is being utilized to help ensure that you have the right space at the right time, when employees need it, so that they can be more effective


  • Visually see your energy usage, maintenance programs and equipment performance across your portfolio in real-time
  • Utilize dashboards to see historical charts and graphs of equipment performance and costs to inform facility-based decisions
  • View space utilization over time, with people density represented by color, to understand how space usage changes through the day or week

fmblue - FMxSensors


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