Managing your Evolving Workplace

with New Ways of Working

Adopting new approaches to flexible workspace

Many modern facilities organizations are adopting new approaches to working including greater requirements for flexible workspace for employees who are highly mobile.

Dynamic work environments and the increasing need for greater flexibility in how real estate and facilities organizations use their available space and assets is pushing professionals into new territories unimagined just a few years ago.

How are you currently managing the change in your workplace?

Manage your Mobile Employees

Learn how you can better manage your employees in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

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Resources to help you empower your employees

Product datasheet

Better understand hoteling and meeting room scheduling capabilities.

Space Reservation app

Learn how conference room scheduling is made easy with the Space Reservation App.

bookME Demonstration

Learn how bookME can provide you with data on how meeting rooms are utilized.

The Right Space, at the Right Time

Hoteling enables employees to reserve space temporarily, such as a cubicle or office, that they can access for a few hours, the day, or the week. This helps to reduce the amount of physical space you need, leading to lower overhead costs while ensuring that every employee has access to office resources when necessary.

  • Locate and book available meeting space by selecting from a floor plan, mobile device or online form
  • Find space that fits your unique requirements by identifying rooms with specific layouts, equipment or amenities before reserving
  • Display, track and manage room information in the space management module

Optimize the use of Your Existing Space

Improve the effectiveness of your meeting space by enabling your employees to reserve space that meet their specific needs, when they need it. Employees can identify space that fits their unique requirements including capacity, amenities and availability before reserving.

  • Increase your room availability by preventing squatting
  • Gain insight into actual demands rates
  • Provide employees and teams access to meeting space suited to their specific needs

Manage Your Space More Effectively & Keep Everyone Informed

With integrated request notifications, approvals and updates as well as support for common calendar programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server, means your entire team will stay informed as to the status of meeting space.

  • Centralize the management of all your meeting space into a single solution
  • Easily configure approval flows to ensure that meeting space can only be reserved by approved department
  • Lower overhead costs by decreasing your real estate footprint

Make Reservations on the Fly

See how easy it is to make a reservation directly from your iOS or Android app