Software for Facility Asset Management

Your space is your most valuable asset

Maximizing your most important asset

Top business leaders know an important secret: your space is your greatest asset. Your real estate portfolio can unlock opportunities for leasing, restacking or reconfiguring space to meet your needs. But before you can maximize your facility assets, you need to have a clear picture of what is in your portfolio.  


Bring clarity with software

In the past, organizations relied on CAFM (computer aided facility management) software, but since it’s department-centric, it never gave business leaders a full picture of their organization. Enter the IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems). This enterprise-wide solution offers a complete view of your facility portfolio, with graphical displays and intuitive dashboards. It’s easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality so you can visualize multiple scenarios within your real estate profile.

The Business Case for Facility Asset Management Software


Manage leases, maintenance requests and complex moves in one place


Maximize your real estate portfolio to save on costs or generate income

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Future-forecast based on historical reports of your real estate assets

Optimize your assets with data

In order to make important business decisions, you need reliable data. Not only do you need accurate reports about how your space is currently used, you also need an easy way to plan for the future. An IWMS can help!


Benefits of FM:Systems' Facility Asset Management

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Organize facility maintenance

Keep your assets working optimally with insights into regular maintenance

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Grow with Confidence

Establish detailed cost analysis to see where you can grow your portfolio

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Maximize your portfolio

Sell, lease or reconfigure to eliminate under-utilized space and generate income

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Bring clarity to your organization

Inform business leaders of what currently exists in your portfolio

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Case Study: Drexel University

Drexel University uses FM:Interact to get easy access to strategic, real-time information that used to be fairly impossible to gather. This data is helps set the tone for a new RCM business models to succeed, and allows Drexel University to leverage their new found knowledge to use space more strategically, communicate more efficiently and plan ahead to ensure they continue to meet and exceed student, faculty and community expectations.

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Key features of the right facility asset management software:

  • Intuitive dashboards that can be accessed on the go from a smart device
  • Secure, cloud-based technology
  • Integrated with existing AutoCad and Revit software

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