Facility Planning Software

Don’t rely on your best guess when it comes to planning

Empowering your employees with agile workspace

Space planning can help you adapt to the growing trends in alternative workspaces like hotelling or coworking. It can unlock a whole set of benefits, including cost savings, improved efficiency and increased employee happiness and retention. But in order to plan your ideal workspace configuration, you need to know how your space is currently used. With the right solution, you can develop detailed cost analysis plans so your leaders are empowered with the data they need to make clear business decisions.


The software solution for facility planning

Enterprise-wide IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) solutions that help you visualize information with intuitive dashboards and scenario planning functionality streamline your facility planning process. Moving away from outdated methods like spreadsheets or manual space drawings towards digital, interactive interfaces proves much more effective at accurately depicting your current space and potential future needs.

The Business Case for Facility Planning Software

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Empower your leaders with clear cost breakdowns of different space configurations

employee wellness

Modernize your space to meet changing workforce needs

scenario planning software

Plan and model for multiple scenarios related to future growth

Data paves the way for facility planning

Do you want to reconfigure your space but don’t know where to start? Are you confident in your cost projections for future space needs? Real-time data is the key to move your facility planning from guessing, to knowing.

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Benefits of FM:Systems' Space Planning Software

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Visualize your space

Get a clear picture with intuitive dashboards of real-time data  and graphically generate different models

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Plan for the future

Prepare for growth, expansion, downsizing or any event that may impact the number of workers you have and where they will work

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Conduct a needs assessment

Get in touch with what your organization needs most

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Assess multiple scenarios 

Compare different floorplans to determine what makes the most sense for your organization

Case Study: Herman Miller

Herman Miller used to use 3 different processes to manage their facilities- a work order system, a real estate system, and paper floor plans for space management. These systems didn't "talk to each other" making even simple workplace information difficult to acquire. Learn how implementing FM:Systems IWMS technology resulted in enormous time and cost savings for Herman Miller.


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space management floorplan

Key features of the right facility planning software:

  • Drag and drop functionality for ease of use
  • Visual depictions and integration with existing AutoCad and Revit drawings
  • Visualizations of real time and historical data

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