Facility Renovation Management

Optimize your renovations with a cloud-based solution

Why do building renovations happen?

Commercial renovations are a common part of business operations. Renovations can happen for a variety of reasons and can range from simple building maintenance or cosmetic upgrades to large scale repairs from an unexpected situation. Planned or unplanned, renovations can be costly both in terms of lost productivity (as a result of disruption) and the cost to actually execute the renovation.

Whether the expense hits your capex or operational budgets, you want to minimize costs as much as possible. Part of this comes from streamlining your entire move process—from planning to execution to moving your employees back once the move is complete, to reduce costs and protect employee productivity.


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How does facility project management software create efficiencies from start to finish?

The entire renovation lifecycle can be organized much more seamlessly using a cloud-based, enterprise-wide software solution. Not only does this help you track the entire process and generate a single source of truth for your organization’s facility data, it also cuts out some of the inefficiencies that can arise along the way, leading to renovations going over schedule and budget.

The Business Case for Software


Cut out inefficiencies that make renovations even more costly

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Track pre and post renovation operations in one easy-to-use interface


Anticipate different configurations with scenario modeling

How does accurate space and asset data save you money on your renovation?

Data can help financial decision makers make better choices about how and when to renovate. It provides true-to-life estimates for what renovations will actually cost and minimizes downtime to keep your business running. Accurate, real-time data that is easy to understand is the key to an efficient and nimble organizational renovation.

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Benefits of FM:Systems' Facility Renovation Management Solution

FM:Systems’ IWMS (integrated workplace management system) software will help you manage your next renovation from start to finish, reducing the complexity of an otherwise challenging project. Software bridges the gap between outdated methods of reporting (think:spreadsheets) and newer data-driven models that result in significant cost savings. And our solutions integrate with existing models and facility drawings to fit into your current processes.

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Leverage an end-to-end solution

Track the entire process—from initial planning to project management all the way to moving employees into their new location after it’s all done.

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Reduce costs

Cut out inefficiencies and minimize lost productivity

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Minimize disruption

Be up and running in your renovated space sooner and avoid bothersome delays along the way.

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Keep your space up to date

Create a streamlined process whether doing proactive maintenance or adapting to alternative workspaces.

Case Study: Herman Miller

Herman Miller used to use 3 different processes to manage their facilities- a work order system, a real estate system, and paper floor plans for space management. These systems didn't "talk to each other" making even simple workplace information difficult to acquire. Learn how implementing FM:Systems IWMS technology resulted in enormous time and cost savings for Herman Miller.


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Key features of the right renovation management software:

  • Integrates easily with Revit models and AutoCAD drawings
  • Can be accessed from anywhere in a secure, cloud-based mobile-friendly environment
  • Provides dashboards and easy-to-understand data visualizations
  • Helps you easily model different floor plan scenarios
  • Works with other facility and space management processes

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