Lease Management Software

Manage your leased property portfolio and grow your revenue

Keep track of leases in one central location

Your real estate assets can generate significant income, but not if the process is inefficient or non-existent. CAFM (computer aided facility management) systems of the past only captured information department-wide, which lead to major gaps in information. A new enterprise-wide system can help you manage, track and optimize your entire lease management process.

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Why track your leases with a software solution?

Enter the era of the Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). An IWMS integrates with your existing facility management processes to paint a complete picture of your facilities in one, easy-to-access digital location. Get real-time updates about occupancy and space usage, understand what space is available for lease, and manage existing leases. Software is a game changer for organizations looking to bring clarity and ease into their lease management.

The Business Case for Lease Management Software

lease management software

Track under-utilized space that can be leased in the future

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Manage existing leases from anywhere, even on the go

space management software

Visualize your space to understand your real estate portfolio better

How does data help with lease management?

Do you know how much income was generated from leases last year? Do you know how much under-utilized space you have in your facility that you could start leasing now? Lease management software bridges the gap between the space you have, the space you’ve already leased and where you plan to grow in the future.


Benefits of FM:Systems' Lease Management Solution

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Grow with ease

Lease new spaces with confidence knowing you're utilizing your existing space to its full potential

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Bring clarity

Eliminate inconsistent data so all of your lease management information exists in one place

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Boost revenue

Cut inefficiencies to make sure you are maximizing your portfolio

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Empower leaders with clear data

Visualize your current real estate portfolio to know where you can expand in the future

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Case Study: Catholic Health Initiatives

CHI recognized the need to adopt a solution that would provide them with real-time visiblity and reporting across their entire portfolio of property, and make it easy to do. With FM:Interact, CHI estimates a cost savings of $10M in just one region, because they had easy access to real-time space occupancy data.

lease management software

Key features of the right space management software:

  • Touch-based, Visual dashboards
  • Real-time space updates
  • Integrates with IoT devices and Android for easy use, on the go
  • Cloud-based and secure
  • Integrates with existing space and facility management processes

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