Predictive Maintenance Software

Avoid maintenance issues with regular upkeep

Get strategic with your facility maintenance

Automation is driving business like never before, and it shouldn’t be any different for your facility. Setting operational benchmarks and monitoring performance over time is one of the best ways to predict when systems will need an upgrade.

But your equipment can also be tracked so that it alerts you when there is a problem, like a breaker that trips or a leak in a piece of equipment. The ability to track and monitor your equipment so that you can predict and respond before a major issue occurs helps your facilities run optimally, saving your organization thousands in unplanned maintenance costs.


How can facility management software keep you running optimally?

An Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) is an upgrade on the CAFM (computer aided facility management) solutions that it is replacing. IWMS provides an enterprise-wide, cloud-based solution that your entire organization can view from anywhere. This gets all departments on the same page, and helps business leaders and facility managers alike make informed, crucial decisions. An IWMS assists with predictive maintenance by alerting your teams to a problem before it ever arises. Manual solutions of the past never provided this kind of insight.

The Business Case for Facility Maintenance Software

maintenance management

Predict future problems by monitoring current performance


Track common issues with equipment to troubleshoot a corrective maintenance solution


Save money on future maintenance costs

How does data enable predictive maintenance?

Access to accurate, real-time data is changing the way business is done. When it comes to facility maintenance, an IWMS can help with equipment fault detection-- the ability to observe and track the behavior of equipment over time so you can predict malfunctions. You can set up alerts so that your entire organization is in the know about potential risks. Taking a predictive maintenance approach means you can implement important, cost-saving strategies to keep maintenance costs low. This could mean performing a corrective maintenance task or replacing equipment before a larger issue happens.

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Benefits of FM:Systems' Facility Maintenance Solution

benefit4 - Predictive Maintenance Software

Monitor facility performance

Track equipment and facility performance over time against established benchmarks so that you can catch issues before they arise.

benefit2 - Predictive Maintenance Software

Save thousands on deferred maintenance costs

Keep up with maintenance and save your organization money by responding quickly

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Catch an issue early

Set up alerts in the event of a facility or equipment problem so you can respond appropriately

benefit3 - Predictive Maintenance Software

Configure your systems to respond to potential threats

 Train your system to implement the right response, such as directly contacting a facility operator, in case of a threat

facility maintenance software

Key features of the right predictive maintenance software:

  • Helps you accurately track current equipment and facility behavior from anywhere
  • Enables real-time alerts and notifications
  • Allows for configurability and integration with your existing maintenance processes

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