Space Management

Get the most value from the space you already have

Why Does Space Management Matter?

Space management involves the management of a company’s physical space inventory. Senior facilities executives and managers are typically tasked with controlling costs while keeping up optimal utilization of their space to create an environment where employees can meet and exceed the mission of the organization. It's the often-overlooked aspect of your company that touches all departments, from the C-suite to HR, finance and beyond.

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How can software help you become more efficient?

Space management software is a technology solution that organizations can use to track and manage their real estate assets and space utilization. At a high level, the management of your space inventory includes tracking and maintaining your space and occupancy information—identifying who sits where, understanding how much space your organization has, and how it’s actually being used, and projecting and forecasting how much real estate you will need in the future. It enables secure access to space data in the cloud as well as analysis via on-the-fly reporting and data visualizations that can provide actionable insights into how to better manage your organizational space.

The Business Case for Software


Empower your leadership team with the accurate, real-time data they need to make strategic decisions


Free up time otherwise wasted on potentially inaccurate manual reporting


Gain critical insights into how you currently use your space to identify areas of cost reductions, efficiency improvements or even potential revenue streams

Why adopt a data-driven approach?

Implementing space management software into your facilities management process gives you the transparency needed to effectively manage your organization. With space planning software, you’ll gain a clear picture of your real estate portfolio, model floor planning scenarios, track space utilization and better manage leases and assets, thanks to real-time data and interactive dashboards and displays.


Benefits of FM:Systems' Space Management Solution

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Move away from outdated models

Implement cloud-based, data-driven space management software with our intuitive dashboards to eliminate human error common in manual methods

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Plan for the future

Use our scenario planning module to be prepared for future changes

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Get a real-time picture of space utilization

Our full-suite, easy-to-use interface helps you control your entire physical space inventory including managing occupancy, allocations and chargebacks

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Reduce costs associated with unused space

Sell or rent unused space or consolidate high-traffic areas with our lease and move management modules to make the most of your current space assets

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Key features of the right management software:

  • Able to be integrated with existing AutoCAD drawings or Revit models
  • Secure and cloud-based to ensure accessibility on the go, from anywhere
  • Able to deliver intuitive dashboards and visualizations to map out current usage
  • Built to simplify scenario modeling for floor plans or other purposes
  • Flexible enough to be expanded with other workplace management modules to deliver one easy-to-use solution


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Case Study: Herman Miller

Herman Miller reduced annual move spend and increased productivity across the board.

Learn more about space management for:

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Alternative Workspaces

Keep up with popular shared workspace trends such as neighborhooding

s2 - Space Management

Occupancy Planning

Get insights into your space usage & model scenarios to optimize occupancy

s3 - Space Management

Space Reservation

Streamline space reservations and room scheduling

s4 - Space Management

Employee Wellness

Ensure employee retention with space planning that promotes healthy buildings

s5 - Space Management

Smart Offices & IoT

Innovate your facilities for the connected workspaces of tomorrow

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