Software for Employee Wellness

Develop a healthy, thriving culture to nurture your talent

Empower your teams to do their best

Employees expect their place of work to incorporate wellness—not just with perks like free gym memberships, but in the actual work environment. Workplace wellness initiatives can include modifications to your workspace to incorporate open office environments with more natural light and design elements borrowed from nature, like indoor plants.

Studies show a positive relationship between employee-centered workspaces and productivity. Adapting your workplace to be wellness-focused boosts productivity, and helps you retain employees and attract top talent.

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How can software help with employee wellness?

An Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) is an enterprise-wide solution that helps you manage key aspects of employee wellness. From upgrading the layout of your office, to implementing work from home days or renovating to include gyms, saunas or rest areas, it’s helpful to have a central source of truth to manage everything. Employees also benefit from a mobile solution that helps them stay connected to functions like room reservations on the go.

The Business Case for Employee Wellness Software

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Organize open and shared office environments with ease


Manage wellness-oriented upgrades and renovations


Plan for future growth and adapt to emerging trends

The Benefits of FM:Systems Employee Wellness Process

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Be on the cutting edge with a space that matches your vision and innovative mindset

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Boost Productivity

Help employees do their best work with a space that supports them

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Support healthier, happier employees

Be a leader in workplace wellness by implementing the latest trends in your facility design

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Attract and retain top talent

Entice great employees with the promise of healthy, modern workspaces


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Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross and Blue Shield needed an integrated solution to meet their core facility management goals in a rapidly changing workplace environment. We implemented a solution that resulted in organizational collaboration, better workplace wellness, employee empowerment, and strategic space management.

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Key features of software to boost employee wellness:

  • Easily models different seating scenarios
  • Enable room booking capabilities, on the go
  • Integrates with smart devices
  • Works with existing move and renovation management projects

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