Occupancy Planning Software

Get the most value from your available space

Build the ideal occupancy scenario

The modern workplace is agile and you need to be able to adapt. From restacking to leasing to new space acquisition, it’s important to see—in real time—how your employees fit into the picture. Not only is this good business practice, it’s good for your bottom line, especially as you reduce under-utilized space.

Scenario and occupancy planning help maximize your existing space while setting you up to make strategic moves in the future. Typically, the scenario and move planning processes get siloed; plans tend to exist but are rarely used to initiate a complex move. With all of your occupancy planning data in one easy-to-use interface that also integrates with move management tools, you can quickly go from plan to action.

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How can software help you become more efficient?

An Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) gives you the keys to actualize your occupancy planning scenarios. With drag-and-drop features and the ability to create multiple scenarios or dashboards, you get a clear visual of your space. Since an IWMS is enterprise-wide, you can more easily get buy in from all decision makers. And once a plan is approved, you can use your IWMS to execute and project manage across your move and facility management processes.

The business case for space planning software:


Develop, evaluate and actualize various occupancy scenarios

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Create a custom project plan based on your chosen scenario


Make the best use of your current space while accounting for future business changes

How does data help you plan?

Trends in the workplace—from hotelling to mergers and acquisitions—mean business leaders need a clear picture of their facility. Data is the key to understanding how your space is currently used and where you have opportunities. You can rest assured knowing various occupancy plans are stacked against real data in real time. And when you action a project plan at the click of a button, the whole process is tracked in one central location.


Benefits of FM:Systems' Occupancy Planning Software

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Maximize current space assets

Understand how your space is used and eliminate under-utilized space

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Plan for multiple scenarios

Should you restack or move to an open office environment? Visualizing multiple scenarios can help you decide

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Move from plan to project implementation

With the click of a button, close the gap from a good plan to an actionable project roadmap

benefit3 - Occupancy Planning

Remove the unknown

with clear visual dashboards, you eliminate the unknowns associated with manual space drawings


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Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross and Blue Shield needed an integrated solution to meet their core facility management goals in a rapidly changing workplace environment. We implemented a solution that resulted in organizational collaboration, better workplace wellness, employee empowerment, and strategic space management.

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Key features of the right occupancy planning software:

  • Integrates with existing AutoCAD and Revit drawings
  • Streamlines the move management process from start to finish
  • Gives you the capability to compare multiple scenarios with visual dashboards
  • Offers easy-to-use drag and drop features

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