Space Reservation

Say goodbye to double-booked rooms forever

Book the space you need, when you need it

For most organizations, room scheduling is a crucial part of running smoothly. Manual methods are outdated and can lead to two teams booking the same conference room.

As flexible workspaces continue to gain traction, it’s important to manage your space reservations in a central location that employees and leaders can access from anywhere. From hot desking to working virtually, you need a clear picture of how your space is used and who is working where.


Bring clarity to your organization with software

Businesses are implementing Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) to bring clarity to their room scheduling process in an enterprise-wide environment so you have a single source of truth to avoid chaos and confusion. As workspaces change, a software solution is a key aspect of helping business leaders keep track of space usage while giving employees the tools they need to be productive.

The Business Case for Space Reservation Software:


Adapt to workplace trends for alternative work environments

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Minimize disruptions caused by overbooking due to a lack of clear information

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Empower employees with the tools they need to thrive

Painting a picture with clean data

An IWMS gives you real-time data on who is using your space and what rooms or areas are most—or least—often booked. This can impact future decisions related to acquiring new space, downsizing or restacking. Monitoring the data over time gives you a clear picture of how you might organize your space in the future and helps set your teams up for success as they confidently book space without error or confusion.

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Benefits of FM:Systems' Space Reservation Software

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Book space on the go

Reserve space using our mobile solution, and check into meetings from anywhere

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Manage multiple configurations

Plan for different seating configurations to find what works best for each team’s unique needs

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Empower leaders with clear data

Get a clear window into how your space is used

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Minimize confusion or overbooking

eliminate the risk of multiple bookings and streamline the process of booking space


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Case Study: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross and Blue Shield needed an integrated solution to meet their core facility management goals in a rapidly changing workplace environment. We implemented a solution that resulted in organizational collaboration, better workplace wellness, employee empowerment, and strategic space management

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Key features of the right space reservation software:

  • Uses a secure, cloud-based interface
  • Gives you real-time updates on who is working where, when
  • Integrates with your existing processes & tools

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