Workspace Management

Technology that elevates how, when, and where work gets done throughout the employee lifecycle

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Solutions for a Modern Workforce

Workspace and workforce technology are converging...

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise with a global footprint, the way work gets done has changed. Today’s workforce is more mobile, flexible, and tech-savvy than ever before and you need new tools to attract the best talent, get the most from your people, and control costs. 

Increase Employee Productivity

Whether your teams work from home, the office, or a shared co-working space, our integrated solutions and actionable insights enable you to match the flexibility and agility today’s diverse and mobile workforce has come to expect from every other aspect of their lives.

Compete for the Best Talent

Attract new talent, retain current employees and improve engagement by elevating how, when, and where their work gets done.

Reduce Business Expense

Discover how people use your space to design employee experiences and office environments that maximize engagement and productivity while right-sizing your real estate footprint, energy consumption, and resource inefficiencies.

FM:Systems' Workspace Management Suite

room scheduling

Full Service Room Scheduling

Make collaboration seamless and alleviate last-minute scheduling anxiety that negatively impacts productivity

Hoteling and mobile workforce

Hoteling & Mobile Workforce

Boost productivity by giving employees options to book different work spaces, and adding flexibility for remote team members

utilization occupancy sensors

Utilization Occupancy Sensors

Unobtrusive IoT sensors detect heat, motion, light, C02 levels and more to help you reduce real estate, energy and other expenses

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