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Analytics Software for Workplace Optimization

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FM:Systems + Rifiniti

Recently, FM:Systems acquired Rifiniti, a provider of advanced analytics for workspace optimization. This acquisition provides clients with key insights that empower them to make critical business decisions based on highly accurate space utilization trends.

Businesses grow when employees are engaged, work and collaborate in spaces that meet their evolving needs. To enable real estate leaders to optimize their office space and maximize employee productivity, Rifiniti workplace analytics monitor millions of square feet around the world every day, providing granular analytics on a range of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Rifiniti's Analytics Deliver:

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Statistically accurate peak & average utilization as opposed to mere "attendance"


Analytics based on multiple data sources, not just one source

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Various scales of analysis, including building level summaries

Rifiniti's Core KPIs Include

Average & Peak Utilization

Employee Attendance

Employee Mobility

Floor & Zone Heat Maps

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Departmental Utilization & Mobility

Costs & Cost Savings

Room Booking Analytics

The Data Science Behind Rifinti

Rifiniti’s sophisticated data science and machine-learning algorithms are what distinguish reliable results from manual, error-prone data crunching. Processing data readily available from your existing infrastructure, our software uncovers the rich insights you need to surface strategic and operational opportunities.

The data powering Rifiniti is rigorously managed to protect employee
privacy: before being transferred to Rifiniti, data is stripped of any personal
information (PI) and all key identifiers are hashed. All data is encrypted in
transmission and at rest. 

Introducing Mobility Flows

Mobility Flows provides mission-critical information needed to make strategic decisions for: major moves involving seating reassignments, real estate consolidations or expansions, and collaborative restacks. Visualize and quantify the movement of people from their designated home location to non-home locations using badge and WiFi data.

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Point-By-Point Benefits

  • Get results based on our Best Data algorithm that determines the best
    data source to feed into each KPI and how to treat anomalies or outages.
  • Gain better understanding of how your organization or department is
    performing as measured by the Utilization, Attendance and Mobility KPI.
  • View utilization on a zone or room level with a streamlined heatmap.
  • Simplify work with customizable KPI labels, thresholds and definitions.
  • Toggle between results for all occupants, assigned headcount or side-by-
    side comparison of both.
  • Use API for data integration: import Rifiniti's results into your company’s
    internal data warehouse or any other reporting tools for a unified view of all data.

Unlock the power of analytics for your workplace.

Visit www.rifiniti.com to learn more.