Rifiniti Mobility Flows

Know the Workspaces your Employees Utilize the Most to Expand Collaboration.

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Better utilization, better collaboration

Introducing Mobility Flows, a Rifiniti workplace analytics product that provides mission-critical information needed to make strategic decisions for: major moves involving seating reassignments, real estate consolidations or expansions, and collaborative restacks. Visualize and quantify the movement of people from their designated home location to non-home locations using badge and WiFi data. Gain a never before seen perspective of actual trends and behavior on the ground of your facilities to achieve optimal space utilization.

Know the workspaces employees utilize most

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Drill down to department level movement based on total and unique visits outside the home location

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Assign home locations to employees down the building and floor level to track movement

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Understand employee movement and travel from home location to non-home location

Mobility Flows Solution Features

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  • Visualize the number of times employees visit non-home locations within a designated time period (from a minimum of one day and a maximum up to 12 months)
  • Drill down to department level movement based on total and unique visits outside the home location
  • Leverage data collected from existing building technology such as badging and WiFi
  • Reassign staff to other areas within the same floor, other floors, or other buildings based on employee behavior
  • Use employee mobility data to accurately and confidently plan for moves, consolidations, expansions and restacks

Gain a never before seen, ground level perspective of trends in employee movement

Rifiniti Workplace Analytics solutions monitor millions of square feet across the world every day to automate once manual processes. Now facilities and real estate teams can produce rich and actionable insights into workplace efficiency, employee attendance, space utilization, and employee mobility.

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