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Keep track of every detail while staying on time and on budget

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Centralized Facility Project Management

Project managers, internal customers and other team members need to have complete visibility into the status, budgets and schedules of any number of jobs across multiple locations. Key project financials and milestones can be created and monitored in our workplace management solution, so your team can stay on track with all stages of the project. From initial request and approval, through planning due dates and construction phases, to project approval and closeout, you’ll know where your project is at every step of the way.

The value of facility project management software

The entire renovation lifecycle can be organized much more seamlessly using a cloud-based, enterprise-wide software solution. Not only does this help you track the entire process and generate a single source of truth for your organization’s facility data, it also cuts out some of the inefficiencies that can arise along the way, leading to managing projects going over schedule and budget. A project management solution creates a centralized location for all project information including requirements, approvals, budgets, schedules and vendors.

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The Business Case for Software

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Standardize processes with workflows, forms, views and notifications to streamline project management and ensure compliance with business processes

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Improve communication with all project team members by sharing and collaborating on critical project details and management features including budgets, assign tasks, documentation and more

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Keep all of your facility project information including requirements, approvals, budgets, schedules and vendors

Key features of the right project management software:

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  • Manage and align project estimates and approvals
  • Maintain a database of approved vendors and track vendor performance
  • Maintain and monitor status, budgets and schedules across multiple projects and locations, providing visibility to management and internal customers
  • Built to simplify scenario modeling for floor plans or other purposes
  • Integrates easily with Revit models and AutoCAD drawings

Benefits of FM:Systems' Project Management Solution:

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Keep track of every detail

Key project financials and milestones can be created and monitored to ensure every stage of the project is on track

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Integrate with All Your Facilities and Real Estate Processes

Our full-suite, easy-to-use interface allows you to take advantage of the valuable space and asset data as well as floor plans, models and documents that are contained within the project management system

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Better Communication and Collaboration

Improve communication and collaboration among executives, internal customers, vendors, and project stakeholders

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An end-to-end solution

Track the entire process—from initial planning to project management all the way to moving employees into their new location after it’s all done.

How does accurate space and asset data save you money on your facility projects?

Data can help financial decision makers make better choices about how and when to renovate. It provides true-to-life estimates for what renovations will actually cost and minimizes downtime to keep your business running. Accurate, real-time data that is easy to understand is the key to an efficient and nimble organizational renovation.

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Case Study: Boston University

When Boston University started the process of searching for a new Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), they had a strong vision for what it needed to do. Because the decision would have wide-reaching implications for the entire University, key stakeholders were involved, forming a highly engaged and collaborative initiative. Participants included IT, Financial Operations, Office of the Budget, General Accounting, Housing, Provost of the Medical Campus and the Registrar’s office–anyone who needed space, used space, assigned space, or was responsible for maintaining it, came together to ensure the initiative was successful.

Keep Track of Every Detail

Stay on time and budget with all your facilities projects

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