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Working from Home for Beginners: Tips from a WFH Veteran

Organizations across the country are accepting the responsibility of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowing (or, in some cases, mandating) employees to work from home (WFH).  In recent weeks, IT departments have scrambled to ensure employees have everything they need to carry on with business as usual:  headsets and docking stations and VPN... Read more »

In light of COVID-19, we should absolutely keep in mind that many facility management professionals are on the front lines of emergency response preparedness in the event of outbreaks.  They are also charged with the actual response and often directly fill roles such as response coordinators and managers.     That being said, one of the... Read more »

Without actionable workplace analytics, this question is difficult to really answer. You may be thinking to yourself, “What in the world does workplace analytics and COVID-19 have in common?”  As of the time of this being written, the World Health Organization has officially declared a global pandemic and several significant social distancing measures have been... Read more »

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Digital Workplace: What is It & What are the Benefits?

Building a Digital Workplace   With all the workplace technology out there, you’d think we’d have a set definition of “digital workplace.” When you do a basic search for the term, however, we’re still struggling to define what it means. For many businesses, there’s a breakdown in what they believe digital workplace means and the... Read more »

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The Business Advantages of Moving to the Cloud

Ten years ago, cloud computing was the number one technology impacting corporate leadership and IT effectiveness.  Would it surprise you to know the same is essentially true today? IT leaders across the board are looking at 2020 and beyond almost exclusively in terms of the cloud: from hybrid models and private clouds to serverless paradigms... Read more »

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Space Utilization: What it Is & Its Benefits

Space Utilization More and more companies are trying to find ways to make use of every bit of real estate they have in their building. Employees are spending more time away from desks and working remotely as a way of lowering overhead and making more use of the workforce without requiring the office space. That... Read more »

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Flexible Workspace: What it Is + Its Importance & Evolution

Flexible Workspace An increasing percentage of companies are beginning to use a flexible workspace to help keep their overhead low while still affording their employees an enjoyable place to work. JLL, a commercial real estate company, recently published a study that suggests that 30% of working Americans will find themselves stationed in a flexible office... Read more »

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Workplace Management: What is It & What are the Benefits?

Workplace Management in the New Era Workplace management is the cornerstone of maintaining a building and the environment for work. With a frictionless workplace, employees can work efficiently and safely. It’s a strategic part of keeping employees happy and ensuring that the overall execution of facilities management. Let’s take a look at workplace management (sometimes... Read more »

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How Businesses Can Stay Flexible with Office Hoteling

Optimizing Your Office Space for the 21st Century Workforce As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the workplace must adapt to accommodate the needs of a new generation of workers. Millennials grew up with ready access to computers at their fingertips, and so it should come as no surprise that digital workflows are becoming increasingly popular.... Read more »

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Why the Mobile Maintenance Workforce is Different

In recent years, exponential growth in mobile usage and its applications has allowed employees to access their messages, tasks, calendars, files and more from anywhere and with less items to carry. Maintenance employees want similar access to service requests and work orders requiring their attention. What tasks are open, where to go, who to contact... Read more »