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How to Optimize your Office Real Estate

As more organizations shift to the hybrid workplace, they are faced with unprecedented uncertainty when it comes to real estate, facility and space management. They need to understand what activities are taking place at their facilities if they are to monitor the effectiveness of their return-to-work and hybrid workplace strategies. This is why it is... Read more »

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Facility Manager’s Role in the Post-Covid World

Finally, two years after the dramatic lockdown due to Covid and one year after the general availability of vaccines, it seems that we are mostly through Covid.  Mask rules have been rescinded, people are gathering socially, hands are being shaken and airplanes and airports are full. But, as people emerge from their Covid bunkers and... Read more »

Numbers abound as to how many women left the workforce over the pandemic, leading to the “she-cession.” While there is no dependable figure as to “how many,” it’s clear that working moms have had an even harder time during the pandemic because of increased stress and mental health challenges, juggling heightened work demands, remote learning,... Read more »

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Creating More Flexible Work Life Integration on Fridays

Starting the first full week in April, FM:Systems will transition to a work week that includes half-day Fridays. As a company, our weekends start at noon on Friday. The term work/life balance has become a bit outdated. It fails to adequately capture the complexity of “life.” Life doesn’t just mean spending time with our families.... Read more »

“The Great Resignation” has made talent recruitment and retention much more important. The way to navigate this challenge is to establish an explicit people-oriented culture. Great pay, benefits, career advancement, time off… they all matter. But even in a hybrid world, a strong workplace culture requires a great workplace experience too. To create them, HR... Read more »

For businesses and universities alike, the traditional workplace model has been turned upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic forced all types of employees, faculty, and staff—including roles that had always been in-person—to work remotely. Many employees really liked their experience working from home and want to continue in some capacity. That’s why organizations are looking for... Read more »

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What is the Digital Workplace?

The global pandemic turned the workplace upside down. The way people and organizations look at work has changed permanently. Many veteran real estate and facilities management professionals observe that during their careers, they’ve never seen a period of such great change take place at such a rapid pace. Consequently, digital workplace transformation has progressed at... Read more »

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Three Unexpected Workplace Changes After COVID-19 We Love

The last two years have brought about profound changes to the workplace. Among the most prominent is the accelerated digital revolution brought on by an embrace of hybrid work. This shift has put a lot of pressure on organizations and employees to adapt quickly and figure out how to make things work on the fly... Read more »