Real Estate Portfolio Software

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire lease portfolio

What is Real Estate Portfolio Management?

Modern, cloud-based facility portfolio management software empowers better, smarter enterprise-wide facility management. For business executives and facility managers alike, it’s important to know what your facility portfolio looks like and how it is being used. Your facility portfolio is twofold: it includes managing both owned and leased real estate as well as all of your real estate assets including buildings, land, parking lots, decks, etc.

In the past, portfolios were either managed by manual reporting in spreadsheets (prone to human error), or using a desktop-based, departmental CAFM (computer-aided facility management) system, which didn’t connect across departments well. Enter the world of IWMS (integrated workplace management system,) an enterprise-wide alternative to intelligently managing multiple facilities.

How can real estate management software make you more efficient?

Real estate management software delivers a user-friendly, digitally-accessible visualization of the usage and occupancy data on all of your current facilities including space, assets and people. With all of this information in one place, you can manage your owned and leased assets and plan for the future. This real estate software system unlocks cost-saving and revenue-generating potential as you eliminate inefficiencies in your current processes or reveal opportunities to lease, sell, or consolidate underutilized facility and real-estate assets in your portfolio.

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Software is Good for Business

Leverage technology to unlock cost savings and revenue streams

Free up time otherwise wasted on potentially inaccurate manual reporting

Gain organization-wide portfolio management efficiency as you manage complex processes or diverse assets

Key features of the right real estate portfolio software:

  • Centralize your entire lease portfolio
  • Integrate with all your facilities and real estate processes
  • Configurable workflows and notifications
  • Easy-to-run live reports

What are the Benefits of FM:Systems’ Real Estate Portfolio Management Solution?

Get up-to-date, accurate depictions of your current assets

From buildings to land, it’s crucial to know what you currently have and how it’s being used

Cut costs while generating revenue

See where you might be losing money due to inefficiencies like under-utilized space and maximize your lease management process to bring in money for your organization

Never Miss a Critical Date

Configurable workflows, notifications and forms enables you to create a lease administration process that means your entire real-estate team will stay informed and up to date on all lease critical dates such as renewals, rent increases, etc.

Reporting and Analysis

Easily run live reports and do in-depth analysis on past, present and future information such as historical costs and portfolio trends

what our

“Using this FM:Systems tool will help us know cost avoidance….in what we’re looking at over $100M by not having to build additional real estate for non-product and non-manufacturing distribution work-related activity.”

– Project Management Professional, Global Healthcare Technology Company