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Deep-dive into the power of Workplace Management Solutions

Deep-dive into the power of Workplace Management Solutions

Businesses around the world are transitioning to a hybrid workplace model, actively redesigning physical spaces, adopting more digital processes and tools, and re-evaluating existing real estate portfolios. Without technology, none of this is possible. Tune into our live & on-demand product demos and see first-hand the benefits and opportunities implementing workplace technology can bring to your organization.

Let’s dive in and see what all the buzz is about!


Demo: Space Management

Watch our overview of how a space management solution can help organizations manage their ever-changing workplace with confidence.


Space Surveys

Learn how we help gather Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and other higher ed usage data for annual space surveys.


Visitor Management

Learn how you can leverage Visitor Management technology to maintain your security and safety protocols while creating an ideal environment.


Facility Operations

Learn how asset and maintenance management solutions are critical to helping organizations maximize the efficiency of their facilities.


Workplace Reporting

Watch our demo on how your organization can better analyze your facility performance with real-time data and reporting.


Demo: Real-Estate

Watch our demo on how to leverage technology to implement an effective flexible work strategy combined with a real estate optimization strategy.


Project Management

Learn how FMS provides a centralized location for all project information including requirements, approvals, budgets, schedules, and vendors.

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For years, everything related to space management was done by physical walkthroughs, pencil and paper, and Excel spreadsheets. And while not exactly accurate with this tracking system, we knew we were only using approximately 30% of our administrative spaces.

Emily Laughton Sutter Health Principal Architect

Adapting to remote meetings, working from home, learning new management styles, using more technology on a daily basis, while experiencing employee turnover inevitably was a big adjustment for our culture. We needed a platform that could help us with our immediate real estate needs, but also one that could help us adapt to these new work models.

Marshall Elliot Sutter Health Learning Center Coordinator

Because we are multi-functional and multidivisional, we wouldn’t have been able to effectively reconfigure all of these spaces in a smart way, without FMS:Workplace. We probably would’ve used AutoCAD to update spaces, which would’ve been very arduous, people-intensive and about 75-80% more time to complete. With FM:Systems, we can access data to inform decisions in a matter of minutes!

Project Management Professional Global Healthcare Technology Company 

Using this FM:Systems tool will help us know cost avoidance to inform a new workplace strategy. The data to support that, will more than likely lead us to a significant cost avoidance in what we’re looking at over $100M by not having to build additional real estate for non-product and non-manufacturing distribution work-related activity. It’s going to give us global, regional, and functional insights; and help us either revise or optimize our facilities and operations within real estate.

Project Management Professional Global Healthcare Technology Company 

FM:Systems Workplace was an important component to Highmark Health’s resiliency and adaptability during the COVID-19 pandemic. It enabled us to know where people were. It also allowed us to bring our people back safely.

Mark Tishko Highmark Health Corporate Real Estate Services Project Manager

The Hoteling and Mobile Workforce Software has become our defacto system for employees. The rollout was a success and the employees find the technology easy to use.

Pat McGorry NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde eHealth Programme Manager