Facility Management Software

A comprehensive facility management platform drives the performance of the built environment, reduces facility downtime, improves operational efficiency, delivers cost savings and extends the lifecycle of company assets.


Why Is Facility Management Important?

Your space and facility management processes impact everything from operational efficiency to workplace productivity and your bottom line. You need a solution that brings transparency and efficiency to every facility and space management project in your organization—from sustainability initiatives and preventative maintenance programs to asset management and net zero goals.

Enterprise-wide facility systems deliver safety and security as well as transparency into daily operations, empowering business leaders to make better decisions. They are unlocking increased productivity, seamless workplace management and a better working experience for employees and leaders alike.

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IWMS Facility Management Technology

FM:Systems Facility Management is a core component of our Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS). An IWMS with powerful, integrated Facility Management scales over time and delivers a single source of truth for space, facility and asset data.

What are the Benefits of Facility Management?
The Benefits of IWMS

Turn your facilities into a strategic asset by managing data and processes across your entire portfolio.

BIM & CAD Integration

Visualize your space and facility with industry leading bi-directional AutoCAD® and Revit integration®.

Preventative & Corrective Maintenance

Effective management of maintenance programs and extended asset lifecycles.

Accelerated Response Times

Real-time access to maintenance information increases technician responsiveness.

The Power of the Cloud for your Workplace

Cloud-based facility management software provides seamless access to powerful tools for facility and real estate teams as well as real-time visibility for all occupants via standard web browsers and mobile devices.

With FM:Systems, You Enable:

Facility Maintenance

Maintain the efficiency and productivity of technicians and equipment.

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Asset Management
Accurately track and maintain asset counts across your entire facility portfolio.

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Sustainability Management

Manage critical information on energy performance or water usage, as well as sustainability projects.

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We train your teams

Our solution easily fits into your existing processes.FM:Systems seamlessly integrates data from other systems to ensure the accuracy and interoperability of facility data with other critical enterprise systems throughout your organization.

We Integrate with Your Existing Workplace Solutions

A critical component of any enterprise-wide Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is the ability to integrate critical enterprise data such as human resources data, accounting information, scheduling data, notifications and more. FM:Systems Integration Component provides the backbone of an integration hub that can help ensure the accuracy and integration of facility data with other critical enterprise systems throughout your organization.

We Keep You Safe

FM:Systems recognizes that your precious IT resources need to be focused on building your business, not worrying about web hosting or managing servers. Choosing our cloud-based offering is a cost-effective solution that will limit the burden on your existing IT resources while providing access to high-end computing infrastructure.

FM:Systems adheres to privacy best practices regarding the collection and use of personal information on its websites and applications. We are committed to maintaining our customers’ privacy.