Visitor Management System

FMS:Visitor helps you increase your overall workplace security while keeping a close eye on who’s onsite.


Maintain Safety Protocols

The increased flexibility in hybrid workplaces means business happens quickly and visitors may be unexpected or last-minute. Maintaining your security and safety protocols while creating an inviting experience for guests creates an ideal environment for high-quality work and productivity.


A Superior Visitor Experience

FM:Systems is delivering a superior visitor experience with FMS:Visitor, an industry-leading solution that reduces your security and compliance risk while improving your organization’s brand. With intuitive check-in kiosks and a variety of options including parcel management, FMS:Visitor allows you to create a safe and seamless experience for all occupants from invitation to departure.


The ultimate visitor management system from check-in to check-out.

Delivery & Parcel Management

Manage Deliveries for employees with ease.

Health Screening for Visitors

Highly efficient health-screening, linked to your access-control

Automated Visitor Booking

Hosts can automatically pre-book visitors through their calendar just by including an email address such as into the calendar invite, or hosts can use their online employee-dashboard to pre-book their visitors.

Booking Confirmation Sent to Visitor

The visitor immediately receives a confirmation email/SMS with the details about their upcoming visit, directions, arrival instructions and a secure link that the visitor can use to pre-register before their arrival.

Quick and Secure Parking Access

FMS:Visitor provides a secure and quick laser-barcode scanning system to process vehicles, drivers, and/or pedestrians into parking areas, which includes superfast scanning of barcoded driver’s licenses, vehicle license discs, ID books and ID cards.

Visitor Self-Service Check-In Kiosk

Visitors can make use of a self-service check-in kiosk at the reception or security desk, which has customized sign-in flows including touchless check in through the visitor’s own mobile phone, facial recognition, ID/ Passport number, mobile number or QR code. 

Automated Visitor Badge Printing

If required, as the visitor checks-in, a visitor badge will be automatically printed with all applicable details such as the visitor’s name & surname, visitor’s picture, host’s name & surname, the date, visitor type, and the company logo. 

Host Notifications

As visitors arrive, a notification is immediately sent via email and/or SMS and/or Microsoft Teams directly to the host, with the visitor’s details, picture, time of check-in, area that they have checked into, and their contact details. Notifications can also be setup to work through other instant messaging systems.

Visitor Safety Induction Management

Visitors and contractors can save time on the day of their visit by completing their safety induction before they arrive. Safety-induction completion can be linked to access-rights into the building, ensuring all people on site are compliant with OHS requirements.

Integration Options

The FMS:Visitor system has integrated into various related systems such as large-scale access-control systems and guest Wi-Fi provisioning systems to make the visitor journey even more seamless.

The Ultimate Visitor Management System

Efficient, easy to use, and highly configurable visitor and contractor management, employee desk booking and office capacity management, employee parcel management, and health screening — all on one secure system.