Facility, real estate, and space management solutions for healthcare improves the efficiency of your hospital or medical facility through advanced analytics while also helping prepare you for Joint Commission Audits. Technology provides the necessary data to implement cost-saving or revenue strategies where you need them most.

Optimize Your Healthcare Facilities

FM:Systems solution for hospitals and health systems streamlines all key facilities data onto a single, SaaS based system for a more reliable, simplified way for facilities directors, space managers and real estate teams to identify opportunities to optimize underused real estate and produce major cost savings, while also maintaining compliance and enhancing the patient experience. 

Advanced analytics and KPI measurement embedded within the FM:Systems solution provides executives the data they need to make real estate and space decisions. With FM:Systems truly scalable facility maintenance and management applications, healthcare organizations also get to enjoy the ability to activate one module, like space planning, that addresses their most pertinent need today – with flexibility to integrate additional solutions in the future as their real estate and workplace needs continue to change.

With FM:Systems, Your Entire Healthcare Organization will Benefit:

Health system leaders and employees are experiencing an unprecedented time of disruption and change within their facilities, real estate and space planning organizations.

Prepare for a new way to work by utilizing data and analytics to plan for the future digital office encompassing hubs and neighborhoods that allow employees to work where and when they want.

Align your organization to become more strategic with your space, asset and real estate allocations to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and enhance employee satisfaction.

Health systems are rapidly evolving to operate in today’s economic environment and require more and more data to make strategic and operational decisions.

Migrating applications from on-premise to the cloud are providing health systems with additional reliability, scalability and security while providing the added benefits of freeing up data center space and a reduction in operational expenses and workload by the IT organization.

The FM:Systems Solution for Healthcare

Your facilities are probably one of your biggest assets and data is the key to help you take advantage of it. From understanding your space designation, occupancy, and utilization to maximizing your space design and allocation. This will help you lease out unused facilities, reallocate space or redefine your real estate needs. Data can unlock cash flow and savings. FM:Systems’ cloud-based software and advanced analytics gathers this data and synthesizes it into dashboards and easy-to-understand visualizations and custom reports.

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“With FM:Systems, we can now get the level of true, unbiased insights necessary to really figure out who’s using our buildings and how they’re being used, allowing us to take a long  hard look at which spaces are performing well or not. This would not have been possible with our previous manual, error-prone tracking method to space management.”

– Marshall Elliott, Learning Center Coordinator, Sutter Health

With our software, you will:

FM:Systems Analytical Data
  • Standardize space management data for full visibility across their entire real estate portfolio
  • Digitize tracking of facilities, life safety building features (LSBF), preventative maintenance, other high-value assets for easy reporting and maintaining compliance with Joint Commission Regulations
  • Pick and choose which space, asset, maintenance and room booking application(s) that best address their immediate and future needs 
  • Identify major cost savings opportunities with true occupancy, utilization and space planning insights 
  • Optimize administrative and non-clinical spaces with full-service room and desk booking solution, making healthcare staff and practitioners more productive and improving patient care 
  • Replace manual outdated systems and processes with a Cloud based IWMS Platform that improves operational efficiency while providing enterprise wide visibility to Space, Facilities and Real Estate Data.