Solutions that deliver high-performance facilities

Smart solutions for facility and real estate teams to deliver effective workplace design with an emphasis on employee health and wellness.


What does it mean to be healthy, hybrid and high performing?

High-performance workplaces are highly efficient, offer informed and effective workplace designs and have the flexibility required to succeed with hybrid strategies. These workplaces offer seamless access to resources, a mix of workspaces that promote collaboration and ideation, and smart, digital space planning for quick changes and flexible design. High-performance also means healthy, both in terms of employee and building wellness, and includes smart solutions like touchless workflows and environmental sensors.

Space & Asset Management

Digital floor plans are the foundation of a workplace management solution creating visibility to space and assets across the organization. A single source of truth for space and facilities data, digital floor plans simplify annual planning and reporting and enable organizations to more easily identify opportunities for consolidation and cost-savings.

How we help
  • Digital Floor plans with AutoCAD/Revit Integrations
  • Space assignments & departmental allocation
  • Centralized asset management
  • Zones & Neighborhoods
  • Asset tracking for remote employees

Strategic Planning &
Move Management

With the widespread adoption of hybrid work, industry experts are predicting a general shift away from individual workstations towards more collaborative and shared spaces as the office becomes more about ideation and collaboration and less about heads down work. FM:Systems gives space planners the tools and insights they need to design more effective floor plans and seamlessly implement changes.

How we help
  • Sandbox floorplan scenarios
  • Multiple ways to create Move/Add/Change (MAC) records
  • Drag & drop departments for potential re-stacks
  • Approval workflows for move requests

Occupancy Sensors

FM:Systems IoT Sensors turn space challenges into opportunities with real-time objective data that reveals actionable insights on occupancy and utilization. An effective sensor strategy can result in significant cost savings in both lease and operating costs while simultaneously providing insight that improves utilization.

How we help
  • PIR and Area Sensors
  • People Counters
  • Real-time Utilization
  • Heat-map Views
  • Planned vs. Actual Utilization

Environmental Sensors

The importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has increased visibility following the Covid-19 pandemic, as it is a significant factor in the transmission of air-borne contagions. Environmental sensors monitor multiple environmental factors including humidity and CO2 levels, allowing you to proactively support employee health and overall building wellness.

How we help
  • Environmental detection for facility wellness
  • Air quality, humidity, noise and more
  • Monitoring LEED and WELL standards
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs
what our

“FMS:Workplace has been instrumental to analyze all of the data that we are using today. Southwest Airlines is very strategic in what we do. All the decisions are typically data-driven…I can’t even imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have FMS:Workplace during this very challenging period of time. It would just be so labor intensive.”

– Hugo Hernandez, Senior Manager for Product Solutions and Analytics, Southwest Airlines

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