Strategic Planning Software

Proactively plan for and manage change in your space inventory
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Master the What-If

Align your space portfolio with the business requirements of your organization with strategic scenario planning. With FM:Systems’ workplace solutions you can visualize what your space and occupancy might look like years into the future. Strategic Planning capabilities combine the best practices from your past with modeling for future changes to ensure the most effective utilization of your facilities over time.

Visualize future space needs

Predicting the space needs of your organization years—or even months out—can be tough knowing a single mistake could cost millions of dollars. Scenario Planning software allows you to proactively plan for and manage change in your physical space inventory. You have the ability to create, visualize and “try on” potential space situations, such as build-outs, expansions, reorganizations, consolidations or reconfigurations—so you’ll be prepared no matter what happens.

Power your Space Planning Program

Manage important dates concerning your scenario timeline

Visualize your scenarios with interactive stacking and blocking

Set planning criteria by department, division or other planning units

Key features of the right strategic planning software:

fms strategic planning software
  • Create floor reconfiguration scenarios based on group or department requirements; space standard requirements, and general requirements
  • Select existing buildings and floors or create new ones across your portfolio
  • Create stack plans by placing requirements on floor plans in phases
  • Block out specific space assignments by placing requirements on the floor plan
  • Check out floors in CAD by re-configuring and converting to scenario planning drawings, to be used in scenario planning blocking

What Are the Benefits of FM:Systems’ Strategic Scenario Planning Software?

Forecast future space requirements

Develop what-if scenarios that solve the problem of housing future departments

Create interactive stacking plans

Plan moves by digitally placing space requirements into new and existing space

Analyze space for the future

Analyze existing space utilization and requirements and define a plan date to forecast space needs

Evaluate Your Options

Evaluate multiple planning scenarios and pre-plan for drastic change brought on by unexpected events

Forecast for optimal space utilization

Planning an organization’s real estate portfolio is one of the most challenging tasks facilities professional’s face. The FM:Systems’ strategic planning solution can help to not only take the pain out of planning, but can help align your space portfolio with the business requirements of your organization. Our strategic planning solution delivers a cost analysis of each of your scenarios, helping you to intelligently make decisions and plan for occupancy. Running scenarios that take into account best practices from your past combined with modeling for future change is an excellent way to ensure the most effective utilization of your facilities over time.

Learn more about how to achieve optimal space utilization on our blog Measuring Space Utilization in the Era of the IoT

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“Because we are multi-functional and multidivisional, we wouldn’t have been able to effectively reconfigure all of these spaces in a smart way, without FMS:Workplace. We probably would’ve used AutoCAD to update spaces, which would’ve been very arduous, people-intensive and about 75-80% more time to complete. With FM:Systems, we can access data to inform decisions in a matter of minutes!

– Project Management Professional, Global Healthcare Technology Company

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