Actionable Intelligence to Optimize Your Portfolio

Workplace analytics, powered by multiple data sources and infused with AI, brings clarity and insight to strategic decisions about your real estate portfolio.


Actionable Intelligence to Optimize Your Portfolio

Solutions for Real Estate teams and executives to determine the right mix of spaces and locations as they adopt hybrid strategies and reconsider the purpose and mission of their facilities.


What does it mean to be optimized?

Portfolio optimization goes beyond achieving utilization goals and encompasses the unique workplace experience you are offering employees and the efficiency and sustainability of the built environment. A variety of workplace data sources in aggregate reveal organizational trends and patterns, highlight areas of under performance and underutilization, and enable smarter, healthier buildings.

Workplace Analytics

Powered by multiple, aggregate workplace data sources, the FMS:Insights analytics platform delivers the full spectrum of workplace and facilities intelligence in one intuitive platform, informing critical decisions about portfolio allocation, facility management and workplace experience.

How we help
  • Multi-Data-Point Analysis including sensors, spatial data, bookings data, and more
  • Predictive insights for operational planning
  • AI Narratives simplify complex visuals
  • Performance Scoring compares weighted KPIs across your portfolio
  • Identify areas of underperformance
  • Reveal trends and anomalies in occupant behavior

Occupancy Sensors

IoT sensors that measure occupancy and utilization are integral to a forward-thinking real estate management strategy. A successful sensor program can result in significant cost savings in both lease and operating costs while simultaneously providing insight to occupant trends and preferences.

How we help
  • PIR, Area, and Flow Sensors
  • Real-time Occupancy Data
  • Heat-map Views
  • Planned vs. Actual Utilization
  • Utilization-based Maintenance Strategies
  • Informed Workplace Design

Environmental Sensors

The importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has increased visibility following the Covid-19 pandemic, as it is a significant factor in the transmission of air-borne contagions. Environmental sensors monitor multiple environmental factors including humidity and CO2 levels, allowing you to proactively support employee health and overall building wellness.

How we help
  • Environmental detection for facility wellness
  • Air quality, humidity, noise and more
  • Monitoring LEED and WELL standards
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Strategic Portfolio Planning

The adoption of hybrid work strategies has prompted many organizations to rethink their real estate portfolio. FMS:Insights gives you a strategic advantage, enabling you to determine the right mix of spaces and locations as you reconsider the purpose and mission of their facilities.

How we help
  • Workplace analytics reveal opportunities and inspire changes
  • Sandbox to test various floorplan scenarios
  • Rethink floorplan design with zones, neighborhoods & collaborative spaces
  • Drag and drop departments for potential restack
happy woman using fms strategic planning software
what our
“With FMS:Insights, we could filter it down per department, per floor, per building, per day of the week and concentrate on those actual core hours, which gives us better average and peak occupancy throughout that working day, week or month.”

– Damian Devonald, Head of Workplace and Accommodation, DVLA

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