Move Management

Whether you’re moving just one person, co-locating a cross functional group or reorganizing an entire location, our Move Management solution enables you to reduce move costs and deliver better service to your entire organization.

What is Move Management?

Move management is the process of moving one or more employees from one location to another or in and out of your organization. Organizations experience moves all the time. Whether adapting to company growth, moving entire teams to a new location or relocating individuals, it’s important to manage the process from start to finish.

The challenge in some organizations is relying on outdated models. The most notable and common example of this is using spreadsheets to manually track the move process. This type of manual approach is tedious, pulling employees away from more strategic tasks, and prone to error, resulting in inaccurate occupancy and space usage data.

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Managing moves is expensive and risky…

Moves can be highly disruptive to business as usual. For this reason, it’s important to have a system in place to minimize the downtime, confusion and chaos that can come from office or facility moves.

They can also be extremely cost-intensive. In just one example, moving a 2,000-person organization cost an astonishing $500,000 in lost productivity and operational costs. A well-run move can cut costs up to 83%.This saves all organizations time and money, as employees are up and running faster with less lost productivity.

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Struggling with your complex move processes?

Whether you’re moving just one person, co-locating a cross-functional group or reorganizing an entire location, the FM:Systems Move Management solution helps you to reduce move costs and deliver better service to your entire organization. How we can help:

Create configurable workflows that multiple stakeholders can collaborate on.

Get real-life scenario models with drag and drop features to easily map out move plans.

See real-time displays of your current move scenario including individual & project moves.

Key features of the right move management software:

  • Automate the move process
  • Integrate with existing systems in the organization
  • Allow move requests to be made quickly by managers
  • Eliminate user error (such as entering the wrong desk number)
  • Allow for post-move updates and reporting

Why Should I Use FM:Systems’ Move Management Software?

Plan for Different Scenarios

Use scenario planning to develop what-if scenarios to figure out the best office configuration for maximum space utilization & employee wellness.

Cut costs

Reduce your overall move costs by avoiding lost productivity, keeping to project deadlines and budgets and limiting the use of expensive temporary space.

Minimal Disruption

Reduce disruption to daily operations and maintain productivity by automating moves processes and creating custom workflows.

Streamline your move process

Implementing a web-based application to manage your move can help you cut costs, get your team on the same page and minimize the inconvenience your employees will feel. An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) from FM:Systems assists with all levels of a move, from an initial request to planning, coordination, execution and review. Our software also integrates with AutoCAD and Revit facility drawings to fit existing infrastructures and processes.

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“Using this FM:Systems tool will help us know cost avoidance….in what we’re looking at over $100M by not having to build additional real estate for non-product and non-manufacturing distribution work-related activity.”

– Project Management Professional, Global Healthcare Technology Company

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