Facility Asset Management
Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment. Do you have the tools to track them effectively? FM:Systems Asset Management solution allows you to accurately maintain asset counts across your entire portfolio.

Do You Have The Right Facility Asset Management System?

With our Workplace Management Solutions, you can link assets to AutoCAD and Revit blocks and families on floor plans for easy location, ownership and access to product information such as warranties and depreciation values, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.

By utilizing a centralized web-based facilities asset management system, you can collect data on the true financial impacts of your asset portfolio by asset tracking acquisition costs, asset depreciation and lifecycle costs.

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businessman using fms building asset management software

How Can Facility Asset Management Software Improve Your Operations?

Having data, reports, and facility drawings at your fingertips when asked questions about asset inventory, assignment and condition can be critical to the success of managing your facilities. FM:Systems’ facility asset management solution enables you to track multiple classes of assets—office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, or even corporate artwork—allowing you to accurately maintain asset counts across your entire portfolio.

The Business Case for Facility Asset Management Software

By using office asset management software, you can proactively maintain the condition of your assets. This can extend their overall life and can reduce the total cost of ownership while improving the operations of your facilities.

Easily Accessible 

Quickly locate serial numbers, maintenance information and the location of assets when needed.

Track Costs and Depreciation

Track initial acquisition dates, costs and calculate asset depreciation over time.

Centralized Asset Data

Assets systems allow you to centralize all of your asset data and information across all locations.


Key features of the right facility asset management software:

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of multiple types of assets including location, asset number, condition or any other attributes
  • Link assets to groups and cost centers to track ownership by department and support financial reporting
  • Manage warranties and details on certified maintenance personnel and vendors
  • Provide visibility to management and internal customers

Benefits of FM:Systems’ Facility Asset Management Solution:

Real-Time Reporting

Quickly run reports that compile, list and analyze data about your fixed and moveable facilities assets across your entire inventory.

AutoCAD and Revit Integration

Easily manage bi-directional integration with asset information on your AutoCAD and Revit drawings and models.

Understand Financial Impacts

Forecast projected maintenance costs and calculate asset depreciation over time.

Improve Lifecycle Planning

Track asset conditions and expected service end dates.

Proactively manage your assets

Successful organizations adapt to change by improving their operations and enabling flexibility and agility. Asset management can be a significant factor in their success. One critical step in rising to the challenge of change, and in controlling the complex asset environments necessary for bottom-line results, is to unify processes that manage wide-ranging functions across an organization’s multiple sites–while optimizing facility and building asset management systems within each site.

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FMS:Workplace has been instrumental to analyze all of the data that we are using today. Southwest Airlines is very strategic in what we do. All the decisions are typically data-driven…I can’t even imagine what it would be like if we didn’t have FMS:Workplace during this very challenging period of time. It would just be so labor intensive.”

– Hugo Hernandez, Senior Manager for Product Solutions and Analytics