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Join us at these upcoming trade shows, events, and webinars- and catch up on our on-demand resources!


July 2024


Client Summit

Join us for a FREE half day of engaging content, connecting with others in your industry, and learning more about what is next for FM:Systems, now part of Johnson Controls (JCI).


July-August 2024


CFTA Annual Conference

Join us at CFTA to learn more about the development, integration, and application of technology across multiple disciplines in the planning, maintenance, and management of campus facilities.


July 2024


Planet, Places, People: Ensure Well-being and Safety

As facilities managers strive to lessen the environmental impact of buildings they manage, it is essential to consider the well-being of people who work there. Today’s smart office buildings can play a key role in making employees feel welcomed, comfortable, and energized for work. Attend part three of our Planet, Places, People: The Future of Workplace Management webcast series to discover the powerful connection between workplace sustainability and employee health, safety, and productivity.


August 2024


Revolutionizing the ‘E’ in ESG: Radical Climate Breakthroughs Taking Center Stage

This webinar delves into specific use cases and case study results, offering a comprehensive examination of real-world applications and their outcomes.


August 2024


TechNet Augusta

TechNet Augusta 2024 gives participants the opportunity to examine and explore the intricacies of the cyber domain. With assistance from the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence and industry experts, the conference will discuss the procurement challenges the military, government and industry face during a time of uncertain budgets and runaway technology advances.


August 2024


Client Summit

Join us for a FREE half day of engaging content, connecting with others in your industry, and learning more about what is next for FM:Systems, now part of Johnson Controls (JCI).


August 2024


Maintaining a Strong Innovation Profile Even When Budgets Are Tight

This session delves into the imperative to ensure that executive strategies maintain focus on the proven return on investment associated with “smarter buildings.”


August 2024


Seven Steps to Smart Building Success

Join our upcoming webinar to navigate the complex world of smart building technology. We’ll guide you through the seven essential steps to creating and implementing a successful smart building strategy. From defining your objectives to deploying the right technologies, our comprehensive approach will help you enhance building performance, optimize space usage, and improve occupant experience.


September 2024


CoreNet Global Summit EMEA

Stop by our booth at CoreNet’s Global Summit to learn about how FM:Systems can optimize your workplace and real estate portfolio.


November 2024


Tradeline Space Strategies

Join FM:Systems at Tradeline Space Strategies! During this conference, you’ll get the critical space planning and management data, metrics, processes, and technology solutions that you’ll need for a better workplace experience.

On-Demand Webinars

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AI Unleashed: Navigating the Digital Storm and Riding the Digital Fast Lane
Explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been unleashed on the commercial and Corporate Real Estate (CRE) industry.
The Future of Work for Government Agencies
Webinar hosted by Carahsoft to dive into key research findings and driving market factors and trends for Government workplaces.
The Truth About Autonomous Buildings
Discover how ML and AI-driven technology create efficient, cost-effective and adaptive smart buildings.
Revolutionizing Efficiency for Cost-Effective Futures
Industry leading panelists will focus on efficient "smarter" buildings, unraveling the latest new technologies providing real ROIs.
Planet, Places, People: Unlock Workplace Sustainability
Part 1 of series explores the challenges of sustainability and facilities managers’ role in leveraging technology to address ESG.
Planet, Places, People: Optimize Maintenance and Efficiency
Part 2 of series technology's impact on facility management—digital twins, environmental sensors, and workplace analytics to deliver better maintenance.
Future Workplace Trends Webinar
Join us as we explore current & future workplace trends and the technologies that will help you navigate them
State of the Workplace: March 2024
During this fourth installment of our panel discussion, our experts will answer your questions about the State of the Workplace.
Crafting The Future Of Workspaces And Culture
Dive into the nuances of hybrid work, find your unique workplace balance, and tailor your experience. Join the Hybrid Hangout Podcast for expert insights.


April 2024


Future Workplace Trends 

Companies are using technology to make their workspaces better for their teams, save money, and help the environment. They are also preparing for more advanced technology solutions in the future.

Join us as we explore trends that will shape the workplace today and beyond, and the technologies that will help you navigate them.