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Building Bridges Between Facilities, HR, & IT

December 9 | 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

Join FM:Systems very own "COVID response" team for a live panel where they share first hand experiences with incorporating new policies and procedures for FM:Systems during the pandemic. We will talk through how a collaborative approach by Facilities, HR, and IT is essential to ensure policies and technology changes are clearly and consistently communicated across the organization.

2021 Strategy Planning for the Current & Post-Pandemic Workplace


This webcast will walk you through our new workplace planning guide and showcase workplace solutions to help you manage your digital workplace going into 2021 and beyond.

The Hybrid Workplace of the Future by Michael Schley


Join us as we explore what the new normal might look like and how the office might be re-imagined after the Pandemic. JLL research predicts that 30 percent of all office space will be consumed flexibly by 2030.

People Over Place: How Actionable Facilities Data Helps Ensure a Safe Return


Actionable data for a safe return & management of the workplace in difficult times. Now that "return to work" operations have began during the COVID-19 Pandemic, having access to facility performance is imperative.

Key Considerations for Preparing Beyond the Initial Return to Campus


Wiley Coleman, VP of Sales, discusses how colleges and universities can effectively plan and manage a safe and efficient return to campus as well as plan for the flexibility required with the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding COVID's Impact on Your Organizations' Space Utilization & Metrics


Michael Gresty, VP Workplace Analytics, dives into key space utilization forecasts & metric recommendations that will help you re-enter your workplace & deliver data driven insights to drive decisions in this new "normal."

[DEBATE] Traditional vs Non-Traditional Office Seating


Tune in as Brian Haines and Jeff Roof talk through the benefits, downsides & value of different workforce management strategies.

Mastering the "What If"



We take a look at how how accurate and actionable facilities data can help ensure organizational resilience and business continuity in difficult times. Also provide some actionable key takeaways.

Real Data: The Value of Actionable Insights During and After a Global Pandemic


A Realcomm Digital Webcast series on how advanced analytics solutions will help businesses make better decisions with greater urgency, even in a time of increasing uncertainty.

Strategic Planning When Returning to the Workplace


We will go over 5 high level considerations that can help organizations plan for & manage how to safely & efficiently get people back to the office post COVID-19.

Solution Demos

FM:Systems hosts a monthly demonstration where we explore how the combined strength of digital workplace solutions provide organizations with the foundation to identify, plan and deliver the ideal workplace experience for every employee.

Deliver & Maintain a Safe Working Environment


December 3rd | 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Join us for a live demonstration over lunch (or coffee!) where we will walk you through sanitization efforts you can implement at your organization that are both preventative and reactive to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for your employees.


Understanding & Managing The Hybrid Workplace


Join us for a live demonstration over lunch (or coffee!) where we will walk you through how you can manage your workplace with traditional space management (assigned workstations), non-traditional seating (reservable space), as well as a combination of both (hybrid approach).

On-demand Demo: Utilizing Sensor & Analytics Technology for Workplace Re-entry


Tune into this demo to see new features that were just released as part of the ongoing development of our safe space solutions, including: Cleaning Status Indicator that gives facility staff a real-time view of desks that need to be cleaned, as well as new environmental sensor metrics, congestion alerts, employee health acknowledgement and compliance monitoring & tracking.

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