4 Reasons To Adopt A Visitor Management Solution

1. Save Time & Money

A visitor management solution reduces the amount of time and effort required from everyone who participates in the visitor experience. It automates tasks that take place in every visitor interaction, but aren’t routine for any of the participants. In doing so, it guarantees everyone has the information they need, when they need it – so all the little details are executed correctly, and everyone can focus on delivering value elsewhere.

The time required to book, prepare for and welcome visitors to the office is reduced by


The time required for visitors to get to the check-in point and check-in is reduced by



The monthly financial benefit for a workplace welcoming 100 visitors per day, with an average hourly employee rate of $100 per hour

$399 billion

The cost of poorly organized meetings in the U.S. in 2019 1

2. More Consistent Protocol Compliance

But Visitor Management Software also offers a lot more value than what it delivers from a simple time and money equation. These systems are also designed to improve health and safety legal compliance and reduce business risk by automating protocol enforcement.


The number of visitors who must certify compliance with established protocols before entering the building


The company’s liability in an emergency situation for not properly displaying emergency procedures, as required by law, since every guest certifies receipt of the information on arrival


The number of hours saved per month by guests who can now electronically verify protocol compliance (for a workplace welcoming 100 visitors per day)

3. Increased Security

Protecting the business and workplace extends well beyond the series of predictable events that deserve established protocols. Visitor management software allows a proactive approach to managing other security risks – both physical and informational. It blocks unwanted visitors and records all visitor information digitally and securely.

Plus, protecting visitor data doesn’t just insulate the business from embarrassing leaks, it’s also a matter of conforming to GDPR, CCPA and other international data protection regulations.

158.8 million

personal records were exposed from data breaches in the U.S. in 2020 2

More than


of reported security breaches are caused by employee negligence 3


of leaders and employees strongly believe that a system should be in place to check Covid-19 vaccination/test statuses of visitors 4


or €20 million of annual global turnover, whichever is greater- The fine for violating GDPR compliance that a visitor management solution protects against 5


of leaders and employees claim that a VMS helps limit the risk of spreading COVID-19 5

4. Brand Image

There’s only one opportunity to make a great first impression. That impression starts to develop well before the visitor meets their host, and extends beyond the time the meeting ends. That’s why it’s so important to have a frictionless system in place that delivers a consistent, convenient and secure experience at each touch point: it removes chances for confusion and lets everyone involved focus on the relationship and the important work at hand.


of executives say they prefer in-person meetings for their ability to build stronger and more meaningful business relationships6

More than


of all purchase decisions taken by mainstream customers these days are based on brand image and nothing else 7


is the average drop in a
company’s share price after a data breach 8


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