The Anatomy of a Smart Building

How to harness building data to provide a better employee experience

Wi-Fi Technology

Every building has it. How can you use your Wi-Fi data to develop analytics on space utilization? By providing triangulation of signals which gives you data on how many unique devices are active in a given area so you can accomplish feats such as adding 5,000 employees without growing your footprint.

Badge Solutions

Calculate space utilization within 95-99% accuracy by predicting exits and actual attendance. With no additional requirement of sensors and full anonymity possible, badge swipes packaged as data sets bring your business in to the data science realm.

Intelligent Lighting

If you’ve got a smart lighting solution in place, data can be accessed which provides solutions for capacity planning and conference room utilization. With real estate being the second largest expense after salary & benefits, sensor data can help you reduce from 5 buildings to 3, and reduce your TCO by millions of dollars.

Motion Sensors & Cameras

50% of employees today work in collaborative spaces. Want to get down to desk level occupancy, or count the number of people in a given sensor range? Then this technology might be best for your business. We recommend using sensors to solve for specific use cases or complex problems due to high costs.

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