Top 4 Benefits of Adopting Flexible Work Strategies


Many organizations have been trending towards flexible work options for employees, including full or part-time work from home. The COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns hyper-accelerated remote and hybrid workforce adoption. So far, businesses have measured many benefits associated with giving employees more work flexibility. Below are the top 4 benefits of adopting a flexible work strategy:

1. Ever-Ready and Resilient

Companies with remote and flexible work strategies will be more resilient to weather a future pandemic or natural disaster. And they’ll be more ever-ready in terms of technology. The majority of employers are making plans that include flexible work options

2. Employee Recruiting and Retention

Employees have voiced their desire to continue working from home. Having a flexible work model can provide a competitive edge in recruiting and help retain existing employees

3. Productivity and Engagement

After the rapid shift to working from home, executives worried productivity would plummet. Here, real-world results deliver a welcome surprise, as both productivity and engagement climb for businesses embracing flexible work

4. Cost Savings

Employers can enjoy substantial cost savings on real estate, fixed assets, and labor costs by increasing flexible work options. It’s a win-win because employees also save money

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