The Truth About Autonomous Smart Buildings

About the Recording

What if your building could adjust window shading based on the weather forecast, address an impending equipment failure or check in visitors, all without human intervention? Thanks to advances in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), technologies that empower buildings to adapt to occupier preferences, eliminate inefficiency and encourage productivity have emerged out of the realm of fantasy and into corporate real estate.

Join us as we explore how building technology has evolved to get us to this point, the potential risks of “leaping before you look,” and what organizations can do to mitigate those vulnerabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the evolution of building technology
  • Gain insights on how new tech is driving truly connected innovation including digital twins, prescriptive building controls based upon utilization intent and rapid acceptance of smart building technology such as sensors in our day-to-day facility operations
  • Discuss some actions that could accelerate the adoption of autonomous building technology
    Learn how AI, Machine Learning, and advanced building controls, are accelerating the new era of smart autonomous buildings
  • Discover potential obstacles to the widespread adoption of autonomous building technology


Brian Haines, Chief Strategy Officer
Brian Haines
Vineet Sinha
Johnson Controls
Lynn Baez
IFMA Global Board

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