Free Hybrid Workplace Government Resources

We’ve compiled a wealth of information to help you with the evaluation, hosting, security, and contracting process. These resource below will help you with market research needs when procuring hybrid workplace software in a government agency.

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FM:Systems conducted primary research to better understand how government leaders in HR, finance, facilities and real estate are keeping up with delivering the right spaces and experiences for the people who use them. We’re delighted to share key findings from our research study on driving market factors, space management trends and how government agencies can respond to the challenges.

Find the right strategy to a successful hybrid workplace with:

  • Market Research Findings and Data Analysis
  • IDIQ Documentation
  • Insightful Hybrid Work Educational Materials
  • Government Procurement and Implementation Partner Directory

Be confident dealing with your new reality of hybrid work and how it continues to develop and evolve in the months and years ahead. FM:Systems is experienced in helping government entities navigate changing work patterns, shifting employee attitudes and expectations using our hybrid workplace solution expertise.