NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

How NHS Increased Workspace Flexibility to Meet Mobile Employee Needs

The Customer

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is one of 14 regional National Health Service Boards that serve the country. Responsible for the provision and management of the whole range of health services in this area of Scotland including hospitals and general practice

People They Serve
Agile Employees

The Challenge

NHSGGC is responsible for the provision and management of the whole range of health services in this area of Scotland including hospitals and general practice, NHSGGC works alongside partnership organizations including local authorities and the voluntary sector. NHSGGC serves 1.2 million people and employs 38,000 staff. It is the largest NHS organization in Scotland and one of the largest in the United Kingdom.

NHSGGC leadership had determined a need to reevaluate its workspace when they identified that their workforce wanted to be more agile – to work in more flexible conditions. The team examined how to make their facilities more flexible in order to accommodate employee needs, they also evaluated the number of leased buildings where employees work. They saw the opportunity to utilize space more effectively with a desk-sharing program that would convert traditional workspaces into hot desks, and software that would enable employees to book desks as needed.

The Solution

The organization implemented FM:Systems’ Hoteling & Mobile Workforce solution to manage their new workplace strategy. And after a successful pilot with a small group within the organization, NHSGGC rolled out the software to other facilities. To date, more than 250 agile working staff use FM:Systems’ Hoteling & Mobile Workforce solution to reserve workspace in the locations where they need to conduct daily business.

The solution has allowed NHSGGC to stand up a booking system, whereby anyone can search for and reserve available desks from the web, their mobile device, and Outlook. The integration with Outlook helps increase adoption as employees can access desk availability and book workspaces simply by using calendaring software they are already familiar with. Whether an employee is looking for a window seat or one near a co-worker with whom you need to collaborate, FM:Systems’ graphical floor plan allows them to search for available spaces and find colleagues easily.

“Our employees were quick to adopt FM:Systems’ Hoteling & Mobile Workforce solution. We will soon upgrade to the latest version, which will allow us to expand the software to serve our newest building project – a new hospital that will feature 130 hot-desk locations.”

-Pat McGorry, eHealth Programme Manager, NHSGGC

The Results

The ability to add flexibility to their space has not only helped the organization save on the number of desks and space they need available for their workforce, but has also made a significant impact on their ability to respond to the needs of mobile employees who are often on the go. Hot-desking is a growing trend in the United Kingdom because it helps organizations accommodate employees and save money on leased space.

NHSGGC selected FM:Systems’ solution specifically because of its simplicity. The easily accessible, web-based solution enables employees to schedule hot desks when they need them. The easy-to-use, graphic-based user interface is simple and powerful enough to handle meeting room booking procedures, workflow routines, and unique scheduling requirements. Insights about who, when and where desks are booked are now also available to support the organization’s ability to measure, understand, and improve space utilization based on your workforce dynamics.

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