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How To Manage Buildings and Hybrid Work

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Organizations, leaders, as well as those in facility management, are struggling with the new parameters and the focus hybrid work has brought to the top of their priority list. While many organizations see the need to offer hybrid work, they also want to best utilize the space they have, understand what spaces across their portfolio are being utilized, and why. In addition, there is an ongoing discussion about meeting air quality standards, environmental impact factors, and various regulations that monitor these components.  

In the second session of this three-part webinar series, Three Tenets of Hybrid Work, we’ll set the stage for these compounding factors impacting organizations with an eye on facility management and their unique role within organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to understand your space, across your real estate footprint 
  • How to manage the performance of your spaces and buildings 
  • How to manage air quality and key ESG indicators 


David “DK” Kornegay
David Kornegay

Solutions Consultant

Andrew Butterworth
Andrew Butterworth

VP of Strategy

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